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[. . .] The other similarity between the two designs is that proper and appropriate lighting must be used so as to reduce the level of accidents while at the same time setting the right mood.

The first major differences that exist between residential and commercial design is the purpose of the design itself. Residential design is targeted towards the attainment of good houses and apartments that accommodate persons and households while commercial design is targeted towards the achievement of well protected and stable structures to be used for the purpose of doing business or an enterprise. The other difference is that residential design usually involves the design of small sized structures while commercial design involves the design of both small sized structure and even superstructures such as warehouses.

An evaluation of warehouses which form part of commercial design reveal that commercially designed buildings are have big and sparse empty spaces and high walls. The building must also be fitted with appropriate ventilation devised. Precautionary elements such as the existence of fire escapes and evacuation assembly points are also included in such designs.

An evaluation of residential design reveals a very good management of the available space and a careful manipulation of color and light in order to achieve the right mood. The building built with comfort in mind and therefore properly sized furniture and finish is applied so as to achieve the desired effectBuy full Download Microsoft Word File paper
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Term Paper on Environmental Psychology This Is an Assignment

The study of environmental psychology identifies the importance to be problem-oriented. Environmental psychology focuses on environmental bottlenecks such as density of a place and crowding conditions, pollution caused by noise, levels of sub-standard living, and effects of urban decay as postulated by (Proshansky; The Field of Environmental Psychology: p. 1477). High noise levels increases the amount of environmental stress. However, it has been discovered that control and due predictability are the most important factors in the evaluation of stressful effects of pollution caused by noise; the attributes to include the context, the pitch, the source and the degree of habituation which are the most important variables to be considered in the field of environmental design. Therefore, psychologists have concluded that the level of density and effects of crowding can also have bad effects on the mood of persons and can consequently lead to stress-related illnesses. In order to comprehend and tackle environmental problems, the environmental psychologists utilize several concepts and principles that should be applicable directly from the actual physical settings to the problems being solved (Proshansky; The Field of Environmental Psychology: Securing Its Future; p. 1476). Environmental psychology therefore is a great factor in the design, the level of comfort and ambiance of each and every building whether it is commercial or residential.


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