Epidemiology Community Health Thesis

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Public Community Health

Public, Community and Disaster Health Management

Comparing and contrasting the history and development of public and community health, pertinent dates, significant events.

Public health is widely contingent upon the correlation between two major effectors. For all individuals, there exists an intercession of personal agency and social structure. Between these two considerations rests the individual, whose agency endows her with the ability to make clear and self-guided decisions and to maintain control over her own life. This individual, however, bound to the conditions and pressures of a society and cultural context, must also recognize the impact of structures such as economy, family and ethnicity. These are the factors that would feed into the early history of Public health, which though it can be traced back many thousands of years to the efforts by Greek and Roman societies to establish some standardization for treatment of the general public.

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In the United States, this history is only 100 years old, with the first glimmer of public responsibility emerging in the early part of the 20th century and only achieving true social importance during President Franklin Roosevelt's New Deal. Here, for the first time, public agencies had been designated with the responsibilities of assisting and elevating those in need in various living contexts, particularly the creation of Social Security. It would not be until the 1960s and the insertion of Medicare would establish the first true federal public health program. Here, "a multiplicity of social protest movements, beginning with the civil rights movement, prompted the expansion of the welfare state through the Great Society programs of the 1960s. (Rosen, xii) the outcome would be an evolving dedication on the part of the government to redress the failures of health which related to financial inequality.

Thesis on Epidemiology Community Health Assignment

b. Differences and similarities between Public Heath and Community Health and the role of the nurse in each setting

Public Health and Community Health are distinctly similar concepts, though Public Health tends to invoke a more general picture of the needs of populations. Accordingly, public health is conceptually driven toward the interests of the general public, whereas community health tends to serve those at the greatest disadvantage economically. The latter typically encompasses accessible free health clinics, community medical groups and other such agencies, whose nurses will have a direct contact in these contexts with most patients. Here, the nurse's role will be one of primacy in seeing that such treatment is extended. The nurse is, by contrast, a part of a much larger team of practitioners and specialists where public health is concerned. Public Health incorporates "the major problems of health that men have faced have been concerned with community life, for instance, the control of transmissible disease, the control and improvement of the physical environment (sanitation),… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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