Equal Opportunity in the American Workplace Research Paper

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¶ … Male Consciousness-Raising from a Sociological and Political Perspective

Male employees are often found showing negative attitude towards female employees' high status positions at the workplace and liberalization in the society. Through this article, the author aims to discuss the role of male consciousness groups and the impacts of power relationships on men's attitudes. The author has presented his views in the light of his vast experience in the field of Political Sciences and Sociology. He has also used subjective evaluation and approaches to make his research reliable and authentic for the future researchers. As the article contains much discussion on the dominance of females by male groups, it can also be used to explain the gender inequality at the workplace; especially the topics like male dominance patterns, impacts of male values on females' status, etc. have extensive research on gender discrimination. The author has delicately explained the different aspect of men's consciousness-raising without showing any biased opinion for either of the genders.

"Work in the 21st Century: an introduction to Industrial and Organizational Psychology"

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TOPIC: Research Paper on Equal Opportunity in the American Workplace Assignment

This book has been written in the context of Globalization; that is, what changes has the World seen since the evolution of technology and internationalization of businesses. The authors have tried to cover all the aspects of industrial relations and organizational behavior in this edition. They have dedicated a full chapter to workplace diversity in which gender and cultural discrimination has been explained comprehensively in the light of different organizational behavior theories and approaches. The aim of the… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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