Ergonomics Repetitive Movement Ergonomics Injuries Term Paper

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Repetitive Movement Ergonomics

Injuries on the job and the results of repetitive motion are able to be decreased through several minutes of self-care during regularly scheduled breaks. Following a prescribed process will decrease the risk of injury. Ergonomic workplace design is a partial solution for on-the-job injuries. The most effective prevention programs consist of both workplace design and effective training and conditioning of the worker.

Most workplace injuries involve musculoskeletal disorders. Repetitive movement patterns and habitual working positions the muscular and nervous systems into chronic muscular tensions that leads to muscular soreness and joint damage. In the extreme, chronic muscular tension is incapacitating, develops pain and decreases the body's energy reserves.

Regardless of how well the working condition is designed, muscular tension interferes with coordination and adds to pain and fatigue. Poor coordination can cause injury; pain and fatigue that may last long after injured tissue has healed, which is why injuries often linger. The residual, heightened muscular tensions of guarding cause the pain. Accumulated tension produces muscular soreness and encourages muscle spasms.

Before people exercise, it is well recognized that they need to do stretching exercises. After they work out, the same thing should be done. At work, it is also helpful to do stretching exercises for the arms before doing anything that has a repetitive motion.

Several times a day, it is highly recommended that a person does the following exercises:

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