Ernest Hemingway the Sun Also Rises Term Paper

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Sun Also Rises

Brett Ashley catalyzes the plot of Hemingway's the Sun Also Rises, providing the pivotal impetus for the sometimes insane decisions made by Jake, Cohn, and Mike. Without meaning to cause them harm, Brett becomes the source of pain and suffering for many of the novel's male characters. Her independent spirit and untraditional way of life make her appear to be a selfish and even cruel figure. However, to blame Brett for all of the male characters' problems is to extricate men like Jake, Cohn, and Mike from their personal role and responsibility. The men in the Sun Also Rises seem like victims of Brett's beauty, charm, and appeal, when in fact each of the men chose to be her devoted friends and lovers.

Jake may be Brett's biggest champion. Brett turns to Jake when she needs a friend most: to rescue her, to provide her with an unbiased and non-judgmental ear, and to ease her loneliness. When Jake answers Brett's beck and call, he does so out of love and caring for his former lover. Brett cannot therefore be blamed for Jake's decisions; he might be psychologically weak for longing after Brett but ultimately Jake controls his own destiny.Download full Download Microsoft Word File
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