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A Max Ernst composition is one that combines disparate elements in the same way that dreams do: they make no literal sense as would a newspaper article. On a visceral level, though, the mind does seem to grasp the inner meanings and emotional content of the art. Dada and surrealism were important movements in that they asked art critics, art historians, art collectors, and art appreciators to revisit the perennial question, "What is art?"


Max Ernst spent from 1922 to 1941 in Paris. Like the other surrealists, Ernst enjoyed a good degree of popularity, owing to the trend towards avant-garde in art. The art movement in Paris was embracing the international scene also, welcoming artists from places like Germany. Unfortunately, World War Two changed much for Max Ernst. As his autobiography points out, Ernst was repeatedly held for questioning by the French authorities, interred as an enemy on several occasions. He tried to escape, and ultimately left France behind and fled to the United States. Ironically, it was a German being persecuted in the midst of the German persecution of others. When Ernst arrived in New York City, he acclimated rapidly and became entrenched fully in the avant-garde scene there. Ernst would then go on to marry one of modern art's greatest patrons, Peggy Guggenheim. His marriage to Peggy Guggenheim solidified Max Ernst's continued presence on the modern art scene on both sides of the Atlantic. As a result, the Museum of Modern Art in New York is replete with surrealist works from Ernst and his colleagues in Europe.

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Conclusion: Reincarnation Question

Research Paper on Ernst Described as "One of Assignment

If Max Ernst was reincarnated in 2013, he could be the Chinese artist and political activist Ai Weiwei. Both Ai Weiwei and Ernst have earned respect as artists who challenge the status quo through their work. Ernst's art was always meant to be more than just decorative or interpreting reality. There was a genuine attempt to expose political matters and also to question reality itself. Ai Weiwei also questions the status quo in China, and challenges the established political institutions. Both artists were willing to face incarceration, and both indeed were locked up for their subversive artistic expressions.

Ai Weiwei's work does directly reflect that of Max Ernst. The Chinese artist has a strong surrealist dimension to the presentation of materials. Ai Weiwei is not a painter per se, but an artist who uses a variety of materials and assembles them in meaningful ways. Artists like Ai WeiWei and Max Ernst rely on non-traditional media and multimedia not to represent reality as it is, but also to suggest the ways in which reality can be changed. Artists working in the surrealist genre also focus on symbolism, which helps the viewer to interpret the piece in ways that are personally relevant. This way, the art of Max Ernst and Ai Weiwei will remain relevant for generations to come. The themes of political and religious oppression are, unfortunately, universal. Artists like Ai Weiwei and Max Ernst capture the darkness and light present in the human spirit, and ask the viewer to confront and question reality.

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