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[. . .] In detail, the Alamo resulted in the annexation of Texas and was thus a matter of just cause. Notably, the frontiersmen who defended the Alamo did not have a right to be there. It was already in the Mexican land. Numerous Americans appealed to their government to aid in defense of their sovereignty. That was sufficient reason for the American dispensation to invade. It is probable that Alamo was an initiative of expressing oneself in the context of the American frontiersmen. Texas ended being part of America because Americans initiated warfare to shield the privileges of adventurers who never had a right to be there at first.

Archaean War - Hannibal's Death

In the 146 BC, the senators pointed to evidence that Rome's friends if Carthage were ready to strike back. The allies would reap numerous benefits if Rome succeeded in defeating Carthage. The allies pressed for the sabotage of Carthage and the Romans succeeded. The Rome's victory altered scores of affairs. Rome became a superpower and a force that other nations could appeal to. Such immense power automatically breeds arrogance. Before the sabotage of Carthage, when the king of Persia attacked Egypt in the 168 BC epoch, the Romans dispatched an ambassador namely Laenas to handle the situation. He drew a border on the ground and stepped back telling Antiochus that is he stepped ahead into the Egyptian domain, Rome would declare war against Persia. Antiochus, fearing Rome, did not step forward.

Gladiators - Sudden Superpowers

Notably, such absent-minded expansion has its repercussions. In 264 BC, Rome stood on behalf of the group of the Mamertines, who were a union of Sicily pirates. The Mamertines based their territory in a town called Messana in Sicily where they pillaged the area. This act infuriated the inhabitants who tried to cast them away from their land. When the Roman Empire intervened, the inhabitants of Sicily appealed to Carthage. Carthage was a prominent North African trading authority that dominated within the Mediterranean area. Because of such an intervention, the Roman Empire thrust itself on a world standard war. Three wars and a century later, Rome had lost millions of soldiers, and Carthage city was in immense trouble. Rome became a force that other nations would appeal and seek aid in times of adversity.

Middle Republic - The Third Punic

America finds itself in such a situation similar to that of 146 BC Rome. It is the superpower on the contemporary world stage. America's armies are invincible, and its culture is everywhere. America controls its foreign affairs through the client kings. America places these local rulers all over the world. If a rogue nation does something that fails to please the American government, it exerts its economic and military force on the nations until it succumbs to warfare. Such pressures and power of dominance resulted in the Roman Empire decline and loss of influence. For the U.S.A., it depends on whether the republic can derive lessons from the history of its predecessor.

Early Republic - Imperialism

By late 145 BC, the Roman republic found itself an undoubted authority in the Mediterranean region. Rome achieved this status without its intention and was unprepared to take such a role. Both America and Rome have similar foundations. Such a foundation has fashioned both country's destiny. In the contemporary times, the U.S.A. has found itself in such a position. Just like the Roman Empire, the American republic is the watchdog over the entire Western world. The U.S.A. armed military is invincible, and it influences every dispensation just as the Romans did mistakenly. Various commentators have postulated that the key dichotomy between the U.S.A. And Rome is that the Roman Empire was proud of its territory, and America is not proud. From that perspective, the U.S.A. may not forge like Rome because America does not portray an imperialist civilization. This reason concentrates on a basic misinterpretation of what was the initiative of the two superpowers. Both Rome and America have a foundation that bases on the same myth and the myth has fashioned their respective destinies.

Roman Virtues

Romans aspired to fulfill certain qualitites and values represented in the heart and soul of the concept of the Roman way.The main objective of the Roman valus was to exercise the moral potency towards conquering and civilizing the world. The Roman premier virtue within th society was pietas (expression of respect to the nation, the gods, and loyalty to th citizenry. There was also the essence of implementation of the humility model. In addition, the Roman empire also focused on the implementation of the ideals in th form of tenacity, dignity, sense of personal worth, seriousness of purpose, hard work, and sternness. The qualities were essential in the provision of character to the people of Rome thus expression of limited form of representative government and rule of law leadership for various centuries.

Roman Religion

Roman way manifested itself in the Roman virtues, living customs, traditions, and relationship with ancestors hence the role of religion in the provision of direction to the present and future interaction for the citizens. Romans performed rituals and ceremonies with meticulous precision with the aim of keeping Rome and its citizens out of trouble with the gods. There was no deviation from the prescribed rituals of the allowed Roman religion. Execution of the rituals in the correct manner was an illustration of acquisition of 'peace of the gods'. There was a college of sixteen pontiffs in charge of maintenance of proper relationship between the citizens and gods. It is also essential to note that th Roman religion was made of series of trades under the permission of the gods in return for the gifts of the worshipers. The high priest who acted as the head of the college of Pontiffs was the greatest link between the Romans and their gods. The king of Sacred things (Rex Sacrorum) executed the state sacrifices in public ceremonies by th side of his spouse known as Regian Sacrorum. The religion also consisted of a group of fifteen minor priests known as the Flamines. These minor priests were dedicated to specific state-supported gods and goddesses. The high priest performed the duty of selecting virgin girls between the ages of six and tem with the aim of serving the goddess of the hearth (Vesta). The undying flame of this goddess was vital for the symbolization of stability and permancence in relation to the Roman State. The virtgin girls came from prominent and patrician families. They were required to serve in the temple of Vesta until the age of thirty. Celibacy was a mandatory approach hence the essence of severe punishment for any girl who broke this mandate while serving in the temple. The Romans believed in the concept of the Vesta's collective virginity as a source of protection of the empire against any harm.

The Roman household was a minor state within the state. There were deities essential in the provision of protection and guard to every person and object in the context of a particular household in the context of Rome. Members of the household had personal spirits with the aim of offering instructions, protection, and assistance towards development as an upstanding citizen of the empire. The home was also under extensive protection by the individual spirits. There was need to enhance continuity of the family hence keeping of burning fire in the honour of Vesta. Each family also had the obligation of placing the Statue of the Penates on the top of the family hearth. This was vital for the achievement of protection and guidance from the goddesses and gods within the context of the Roman empire. The Greco-Roman Mythology was also a vital concept in the context of the Roman empire. It included two major deities in the form of:

Jupiter (Greek Zeus), the chief and father of the gods

Neptune (Greek Poseidon), the god of the sea

Apollo (Greek Apollo, also called Phoebus Apollo), the god of poetry, games, and music

Diana (Greek Artemis), the goddess of flocks and of the chase (hunting)

Vulcan (Greek Hephaestus), the god of fire

Mercury (Greek Hermes), the god of eloquence, travel, and trade (messenger of the gods)

Mars (Greek Ares), the god of war, hostility, and annihilation

Juno (Greek Hera), the goddess of marriage and the wife of Jupiter

Minerva (Greek Athena, also called Pallas), the goddess of wisdom and war

Vesta (Greek Hestia), the goddess of the hearth

Ceres (Greek Demeter), the goddess of agriculture

Venus (Greek Aphrodite), the goddess of love and beauty.

Greek Pantheon - Culture

Both ancient Rome and modern America have culture parallels. Their societies comprise of diverse people and new people can easily get absorbed in their cultural conventions and livelihood. Both countries offer residence and citizenship to individuals from diverse nationalities. Moreover, Americans and ancient Romans boasted of their nationality as exceptional and unique. Both parties are notably egocentric and view the outside world differently. Both dispensations portray… [END OF PREVIEW]

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