Ethic Discussion Psychology -Ethics Research Paper

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Not only practice but also the research is benefited from ethical behavior and a person should make sure that he does not ignore the importance of morality. While there are many advantages of adopting ethical behavior in practice and research, there are several disadvantages of unethical behavior. Psychological practice and research is not only a business endeavor but it entails responsibility towards the society. The researcher should ask himself following questions before he carries out a research:

I. What is the code of conduct of research in area/industry?

II. Why it is important to show ethical behavior when practicing psychology?

III. Will the research and practice in field of single parenting be affected if unethical behavior is shown?

IV. Does the observance of ethics make difference in the research in any positive or negative way?


Canadian Psychological Association, (2000), Canadian Code of Ethics for Psychologists, RetrievedDownload full Download Microsoft Word File
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TOPIC: Research Paper on Ethic Discussion Psychology -Ethics Ethics Assignment

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