Ethic and Moral Abtract Ethical Research Paper

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It has been found that some lower class families having known of the fact that their children are into sexual activities, and they do not stop their children from doing that because they believe that there is no other option for their family to earn and survive as they don't have a healthy income on their disposal and hence people encouraging their young daughters to get engaged in such illegal sexual activities so that they can bring back income for the house (Mirsky, 2003).

According to the other studies, students who are involved in such activities are 13 to 18-year-old females. It is also observed that girl of these ages are often contacted their instructors so that they can get good grades, etc. The same practice is also found by female instructor, getting befriend to younger boys so that their hunger of sex can be satisfied by the elder brother or father of that student and sometimes the lust is fulfilled by that student (Hanushek, 2007).

The youngsters who are found into this illegal sexual abuse were mostly from the families where children were risen up without parents, or children rose up in orphan homes or orphaned children were also seen into this practice. But the maximum quantity belonged to the segment where students are used as servants and have been sexually harassed by their instructors.

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A sample of men were interviewed and this was concluded that most of the men have this attitude with them that according to them, girls in their young ages desire sex partners more than those of adults and another idea that was extracted from the survey was that men think that if they undergo sex with a girl of smaller age, then this process will eliminate all infections from the man if they have any with them (Mirsky, 2003).

The above survey also brought this fact out that students who are exploited sexually are most of the time done in places where men are in charge and they have the influencing power or in other words this happens in places where the centralized position has a man on board. Those men then use their power to get sexual favors from young students.

Research Paper on Ethic and Moral Abtract Ethical Assignment

Usually sexual abuse takes place outside the college with the men who are adult and engaging in sex just to exchange of money and gifts. There are many forms of sexual abuses such as intimidating and aggressive behavior as well as physical contact such as touching and rape. Such condition and behavior exploit the authority and position of the teacher and they all betray their responsibilities (Mirsky, 2003).

In this century one of the biggest issues and problems that limit the advantages of education system is Gender-based violence, which is spreading around the globe, and also causes psychological trauma and poor health. Although it is more difficult to see this issue rises in College-Related Gender-Based Violence. Boys and girls they both are facing and are victims of this harassment, verbal abuse, rape and bullying. The violence of College-related gender-based can be clustered into two types:

Explicit gender violence.

Implicit gender violence.

Explicit gender violence (sexual), which includes sexual abuse, rape, sexual harassment, intimidation and assault as well as implicit gender violence includes bullying, psychological and verbal abuse, corporal punishment, students who unofficial use by their teachers for free labor and also other type of unauthorized and aggressive behavior that is extremely violent.


The structure of the college is primarily formalized, where students have to follow certain rules and regulations of the college. The colleges usually have policies and regulations to give direction to the instructor and control the students. Since the instructor has the power to pass or fail the student, this power is often misused and leads towards the sexual abuse or money in exchange. Another unethical perspective is where the researcher has found that some instructors force student for sexual or monetary favor, to pass them in their research project. If a student refuses to accept instructor's offer, then instructor restrict or reserved all the material of research which has been done by a student or may be published by his name. This practice is usually fall into the power category where students are compelled to perform unethical activity, which has been forced by the instructor (Mirsky, 2003).


It has been found that girls are mostly the victim of sexual abuse at college from their instructor. South Africa contains higher rate of sexual abuse that is why many of the girls have left their colleges, mostly those who have been a victim of such violence.


Student can get a good grade by exchanging money, but it leads him/her towards severe demolishes. The instructors who charge for giving good grades are spoiling the education system, and also the future of our new generation. Few previous studies demonstrated that instructors usually charge money from the male student for good grades, and ask for sexual favor from female students (Mirsky, 2003).

The commercialization of project management and grades is becoming very common, and lecturers have developed this pattern to gain a monetary favor. In this scenario, college students pay money in order to get good grade without putting their single efforts in it. Another aspect of this study is where we have found the domination of males which signifies that some instructors ask for sexual favor from male students. They not only ask for sexual favor, but also for other monetary favors such as exotic gifts, etc. (Mirsky, 2003).

Spoiled Child Syndrome

This issue is become a common in most of the families where children are ill-mannered or spoiled. The spoiled child is characterized as an immature and childish behavior, which parents are failed to tackle. Sometimes it is derived by the circumstances of home environment, which is neglected by parents. This type of children usually found who are from rich family background.

Teacher's salary issues

In some countries the salary is the key issue for the college instructors, which they think that they are not getting what they deserve. In this way, they start doing unethical activities in college by exchanging grades for sex or money from students' .Therefore, we need to exercise the system of education, and look at the areas where institutions need improvement. In order to follow a centralized system which primarily avoids uncertainty can be done by eliminating the flaws and make amendments in policies and structures (Hanushek, 2007).

Psychological stress

Boswell, (2012) highlighted the most of the time it's the pressure from parents to perform well in college is another story, which leads students into sexual activities. Student often think that this is the easiest way to get good grades. Sometimes parent's pressure leads a child in other spoiled activities just because of the mental pressure they perceive from parents. Let your child do whatever he/she wants to do by following this tactic by parents, student develop a sense of responsibility, and associate essentials of life with them (Ellen et al., 2008)

Peer Pressure

It is significant to keep your eye on your child, let your child make his friends by his/her choice, but take their activities into your acknowledgment. Peer pressure sometimes makes children do drugs, porn movies, smoking, etc. Peer pressure is the significant element of this study, which affects student at the greater extend. Colleges should conduct ethical conference where they give chance to the students to share their point-of-view over ethical and unethical issues on various subjects (Kremer & Levy, 2008).


Sexually harassment from college instructors

Sexually harassment from college instructors is getting very common these days. There are so many colleges where teachers do this in order to give grades to students. Most of the time this unethical acts done by male teachers to female students. Male teachers harass to female students by giving them sexual offers. When female student refused to do this act then there will be possibility that they will get failed this course or they will get C. grade (Morgan & Korschgen, 2001).

Sexual harassment is common in all levels of education. Verbal and physical harassment begins in basic education, and 4 in 5 students experience some form of sexual harassment or bullying. Eight out of ten will experience this at some point in their school lives, and about 25% will experience this on an ongoing basis. Students are more likely to physically harass and bully or being bullied themselves. Girls are more likely to use and experience verbal and physical harassment and bullying. Six in 10 students experience some form of physical sexual harassment (Morgan & Korschgen, 2001).

Sexual harassment from… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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