Ethical Dilemmas at XY Police Agency Case Study

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¶ … Unjust Authority Case Study: An Ethical Dilemma

Criminal Justice

Law enforcement officers are expected to be individuals with integrity and high ethical standards in their personal and work life at all times. However, there are continued instances of officers convicted of or terminated due to violation of the laws that they were expected to uphold. This paper examines current and previous research regarding ethics violations in police departments to determine if XY Police Agency is doing enough to avoid the violations. The essay highlights the scope of susceptibility of officers and their vulnerability to ethical problems throughout their careers. The study also offers proposals of interventions of managing the ethical violations and integrity training as a solution.

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One of the ways of enforcing ethical behaviors in XY Police Agency is through vetting. All officers should be subjected to thorough vetting especially within high-risk posts and those that require special circumstances to ensure that clearance of doubts on issues of integrity and existence of conflicts of interest. The management at XY Police Agency can utilize the approach in promotion and redeployment of officers (Barker, 2011). Police integrity is a core topic in the spotlight among the concerns of law enforcement in the past century. Integrity and corruption are useful in the performance of XY police agency. Corruption refers to dishonesty towards personal gain while integrity is defined as normative inclination for police in resisting temptations from abusive rights and privileges due to their occupations. To achieve high levels of integrity, the police force must uphold the rights of the public and colleagues, show dedicated quality service and continuous improvement, and perform duties in a fair, impartial, and companionate manner.

TOPIC: Case Study on Ethical Dilemmas at XY Police Agency Assignment

XY Police Agency should establish an 'Ethics Corner'. This website is launched within XY police agency's intranet. The goal is to provide a one-stop-shop that fosters efficient access to organizational information regarding misconduct, corruption, and ethical issues. The site promotes access to other external sources that address such issues. Malpractice and Corruption Prevention Bulletins sourced from local occurrences can be disseminated across the website for purposes of advising officers on high-risk behavior patterns (Carter & Wilson, 2006). Integrity is measured through ethical values or moral principles of an individual. The integrity perception is that higher ethical values lower the possibility of corruption while lower ethical values attract higher possibilities of corruption. Although it is not proven, the concept of personal ethics includes predisposing of socio-economic status, culture, knowledge, and customs of wrong or right. Law enforcement officers have to conform to some values when discharging their duties. The major ones include honesty and integrity; professionalism; responsiveness to change; acceptance of accountability and responsibility; and effective communication (Pollock, 2011).

XY Police Agency can also develop a system of identifying conflicts of Interest. Members of XY Police Agency and the immediate supervisors should know all areas of possible conflicts of interest. This will enable them formulate approaches of ensuring that they do not affect the efficiency of operation at the agency. Officers are subject for the formal declaration of such interests. The strict requirements can be outlined through police… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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