Ethical Effects of Steroids in Baseball Sports Research Paper

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¶ … baseball policy and federal law in the United States of America have been violated by especially by players in Major League Baseball who have been for a long time involved in the wide spread of illegal anabolic steroids and other types of performance enhancing drugs (PEDs). During the evaluation of players, it has always been a routine by club officials to scrutinize all possibilities of such substance use. Most of the players who have illegally used this substance range from those who had brief careers in the major league to Baseball Hall of Fame potential members. These players include position players and pitchers, who have diverse backgrounds as the major league players.

In the past few years, many baseball players have achieved an excellent number of home runs, these home runs attracted real speculations that players were using performance enhancing drugs to boost their power and agility in the game. Basic physiology and mechanics with a combination of reasonable and simple models have shown that a player who is very skilled is capable of achieving even more remarkable production of home runs and batting range. This has caused major political and media attention, thus reasons to regulate performance regulating drugs have emerged in an effort to issue policy by the federal and state securities. Most public debates involving the steroids issue has been long condemned and less evaluated in policy options.


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Anabolic steroids abuse has lead to serious complexity in contradictory, behavioral and psychiatric differences. Increased mental sickness frequency, in abusers of anabolic steroid includes mania, depression and paranoid schizophrenia. Psychological and physical dependencies usually occur amongst abusers and critical psychiatric symptoms emerge upon withdrawal of the drugs. This leads to cases of criminality as well as suicide.

Research Paper on Ethical Effects of Steroids in Baseball Sports Assignment

Worldwide, especially in the United States of America, millions of teens, kids, and adults play and watch baseball as a sport. Baseball is one of the top sports enjoyed and looked upon. It is quite discouraging to start expressing what is happening to it. Most of the players have resorted to using steroids so as to "cheat" and drive them to fame by boosting their performance. This is so because they are in the league where one has to do anything to be the best in that sport. Using drugs to find your way in is a serious ethical abuse of baseball as a sport.

Baseball was first started as a game for individuals to interact, play and have fun in the mid-1800. Baseball has since then been a smooth sport until the drugs changed everything when players started using and abusing it. It has been a gradual change in the baseball gaming level that brought about the use of these performance enhancing drugs. Once a college baseball player leaves the locker room to go play for the MLB, he joins his follow team mates to play and win for his school. He is therefore playing for his school to win, and not for himself. This player ensures he abides by all the ethical rules stipulated in the game. All this becomes different once this player gets through college and joins the major leagues. When in major leagues, the game baseball changes meaning to be a game where one mainly focuses on self and most importantly money. Baseball players in the major leagues will therefore do anything to gain fame and maintain his prowess in the game i.e. physique, power, agility and all that there may be necessary to enhance performance during play. The answer to this is using performance enhancing drugs such as steroids in order to survive.

Effects of Steroids

Steroids are also categorized as the performance enhancing drugs and these steroid hormones are of two types; Catabolic steroids which reduce inflammation and break down muscle; and anabolic steroids which are responsible in building up muscle mass i.e. sex hormones and most importantly testosterone. These testosterone hormones are widely used in medicine. For example, the anabolic steroids are used by doctors in prescribing treatment for patients who do not produce enough testosterone in their bodies, on the other hand; catabolic steroids are prescribed by doctors to patients suffering from arthritis, asthma, and other skin conditions and ailments.

Anabolic androgenic steroids are synthetic substances similar to testosterone which is the male sex hormone. Androgenic has been used to mean the substance that is responsible in increasing some of the "male characteristics" muscles. These steroids are therefore referred to as "steroids" for short. Anabolic steroids are for medical prescription by qualified professionals and it is illegal to us them for building muscles without proper prescriptions. Steroids are available inform of injections and pills with varying costs depending on quality, type and source.

Steroids help build muscles for sports performance enhancement as well as speed up injuries. Steroids super effects only happen when a sportsman works real hard during training and not a substitute when training. Although steroid use my produce stunning results in the whole process, there are also side effects that may ruin an athlete's health as well as his well- being.

One of the many serious side effects experienced especially in adolescents is stunting growth, since their body growth stops naturally at the peak of certain hormone levels. Steroids combined with the increasing hormone level will eventually shut down the body growth much earlier than should be.

The fact that steroids are classified as sex hormones poses serious side effects to users. These side effects may include growing of breast and shrinking of the testicles thus reducing their sperm count. On the other hand, women users tend to develop deep voices and excessive hair growth all over their bodies and faces. Increased baldness and acne can be experienced by both sexes. The steroids have the ability to travel and cause damage to the body cells. Livers can develop tumors and grow cancer. Another side effect can be clogging of the arteries with fat deposits (atherosclerosis), hence blocking the smooth blood flow from the brain and the heart resulting to strokes and heart attacks. Steroids are also capable of weakening the immune system of the user's body, thus leaving his body vulnerable to disease attacks.

The anabolic steroids are believed to have other effects that are related to performance in athletics. These effects include ability to easily recover from exercise and therefore engage in harder training sessions; and increased aggressiveness. Quantification of these effects has not been done, thus it is not very clear if the aggressiveness characteristics are harmful or beneficial to the hitter in a baseball game.

Performance enhancing drugs use is in its self is as old as the game itself. In recent decades, mostly the anabolic steroids responsible for muscle building have created major attention in both the media and the political world. Baseball in the United States became one of the most focused on game especially on the legitimacy of remarkable home runs achieved by layers which is the most appreciated part of the play in the game. In close scrutiny, home run achievements between 1995 and 2003 were considered so extraordinary, an example being Mark McGwire's remarkable home run totaling 70 in a single season in 1998. Barry Bonds shattered McGuire's record when he hit 73 home runs in 2001. This therefore raised eyebrows when suddenly a record which has never been changed for decades was increased by 20% in only a four-year period. Such remarkable changes performance changes in a short time are not very common in a sport which is well established. Home run hitting in baseball is one of the most glamorous moments which have proven quite amenable to enhancement of performance than any other sporting endeavor. 50 home runs in a single season is a very excellent achievement in the major league which has so far been reached by only 20 baseball players; who have probably used or not used steroids at all. This very achievement demands extraordinary judgment, skill and coordination. If 50 home runs per gaming season are outstanding, then it will be quite unnatural to hit 70 home runs in a year without chemical assistance.

A player must be capable of putting the ball in play as many times as possible on order to hit a larger number of home runs. This is not enough if another large number of batted balls are not hit beyond the fencing. For a player to hit the ball over the fence he must be able to have great physical strength and skill influenced by strength enhancing drugs for muscle mass. Home runs are the number of balls put in play by a hitter; this is divided by the number of times the ball is put in to play by the batter less the number of strikeouts. If Sosa, McGuire and Bonds performances were attributed by their continued use of anabolic steroids during their record-breaking era, then performance enhancing drugs are accountable for 50% increase in the fraction of balls put in play (home runs).

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