Ethical Inventory Test Results Essay

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Ethical Inventory Test Results

According to my test results, my predominant ethical style is an orientation to perceived moral duty or obligation. This is consistent with my personal conscious beliefs because I have always had great difficulty following rules that seem to value process over effect or that are detrimental to specific individuals but overshadowed by the rationale of supporting the greater good. Likewise, I believe that violating established rules is sometimes appropriate where specific circumstances raise legitimate issues in connection with adhering to those rules simply because they are formally established. Most importantly, I believe that the intended purpose of violating rules in a given situation determines whether that violation of rules is morally appropriate or inappropriate. Therefore, my predominant philosophical moral perspective would be described as virtue ethics (Hursthouse, 2005).

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My test results also indicate that I am highly open and committed to ethical communication. That is fortunate because virtue ethicists are often faced with moral dilemmas in the vocational environment (Halbert & Ingulli, 2008; Hursthouse, 2005). These ethical conflicts could threaten promotional opportunities and even job retention because they can draw the individual into direct conflict with the rules, policies, and procedures of organizations. Therefore, virtue ethicists should be able to communicate their ideas clearly because they may frequently have to rely on effective two-way communication to minimize the potential harm to their careers that could result from applying their ethical perspective in the workplace.

Ethics and Social Responsibility in Strategic Planning, and Stakeholder Needs

TOPIC: Essay on Ethical Inventory Test Results According to My Assignment

As a virtue ethicists, I would approach strategic planning decisions from the perspective that organizational needs cannot justify ignoring the implications of policies and practices on all stakeholders. Whereas many organizational strategic decisions and policies designed to achieve the organizational objectives outline by strategic… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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