Ethical Issues That May Arise Essay

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But while the social worker must be cognizant of these factors, culture cannot be used as an 'excuse' for abuse.

Language barriers may often present problems for women who are abused, as they may feel particularly vulnerable, and worry that if they come forward they will not have any economic opportunities, if they separate from their male partner. The most extreme example of this is women who are in enslaved relationships to a male. For example, it is estimated that 28% of trafficked women saw a health care professional while they were still in captivity. Despite being in contact with a person who could potentially come to their aid, women were afraid to come forward. Also, women may have difficulty communicating their distress in explicit terms, and the observer must be able to 'read' the nonverbal signs that a woman who is being abused, enslaved, or otherwise exploited by a male may show. These women often have symptoms of PTSD, anxiety, reports of chronic pain (including sexually-related pain like STDs and pelvic pain), or are not treated with standard medical care because of their partner's attempt to keep them out of the medical system (Dovydaitis 2011). Women may be brought into the country illegally and have no health insurance, which can also limit their ability to be 'found' by a healthcare or social worker, until it is too late, making it all the more important that the opportunity is seized when it arises.Download full Download Microsoft Word File
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TOPIC: Essay on Ethical Issues That May Arise Assignment

Another ethical code of the National Association of Social Workers reads: "(d) Social workers should act to
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