Ethical Issues in Medicine Essay

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"If the study is successful, the physician may publish an important paper, gain academic advancement, and even make a little money on the side if he or she owns stock in the company that makes the drug in question" (Markman 2003: 1008). However, physicians alone cannot be blamed. Internet chat rooms and the media can also fan the flames of hope.

In contrast, "Phase 2 trials are designed to evaluate efficacy so they might be expected to provide participants some measure of benefit," but even this can be a questionable prospect as different drugs may be in varied stages of to-market readiness, even if technically in a Phase 2 trial (Markman 2003: 1008). In fact, a patient may be lulled into a sense of overconfidence, because he or she is technically in a Phase 2 trial, but not be fully aware of the likely efficacy of the drug. Also, during any phases, patients must forego existing treatments which may have some efficacy to test the new treatment, which actually may be less effective. "Patients in a phase 2 trial of such a novel agent given as first-line chemotherapy will be participating more to generate information to help others than to help themselves…if the tumor progresses and produces symptoms during initial chemotherapy with the experimental drug, the patient actually may have been harmed by not receiving standard therapy first, even if ultimate survival is not influenced" (Markman 2003: 1013).

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In some instances, however, the criterion for being admitted to the study of a promising therapy may be too strict -- to minimize outside influences, the study designers may prohibit patients who have had more than one type of treatment. In Phase 3 trials, where participation in experiment and control groups is randomized, patients who could potentially receive life-saving treatment may instead receive a placebo. Control groups are necessary to ensure that it is the treatment rather than other factors that is causing the improvement, but constructing them can deny patients potentially life-saving therapies.


Essay on Ethical Issues in Medicine Ethical Assignment

Markman, Maurie. (2003). The needs of science… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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