Ethical and Legal Perspectives in Health Care Essay

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Ethical and Legal Perspectives in Health Care


Data processing is part of the procurement of healthcare. Patients have data that they share with medical staff, and the healthcare professionals share information with patients, as well. A myriad of healthcare institutions share and generate data on the patients and medical employees with the end goal to administer the provision of healthcare (McWay & McWay, 2010).

Data should stream for the whole framework to function. The organization and its individuals must provide data. Compulsion to share data comes to be morally testing, and this is the reason the relationship between the patient and the doctor has long been controlled on the foundation of trust. The innovative principle of privacy is benchmarked explicitly on protection. Healthcare professionals shall protect the privacy of patients for their problems are not to be made public. The concern is that if there are no guarantees of privacy, then the patient will not reveal data, and more awful, may forego treatment. There is confirmation that people may not even look for testing if their confidentiality is not assured (McWay & McWay, 2010). The rule enshrined in the healthcare practice extends to international communities, statements, and policies. In many countries, the regulatory, normative, and legal frameworks interact to give a setting where medical data is protected.

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TOPIC: Essay on Ethical and Legal Perspectives in Health Care Assignment

Each citizen is entitled to a set of fundamental rights deeply rooted in law and tradition. . In no region is the right to privacy more treasured, or more unsettled, than in securing the privacy of identifiable individual health data. On the other hand, legislators, judges, and healthcare experts battle to amend individual privacy against emerging societal interests. Personal health data is maintained by doctors as well as in the records or databases of health facilities providing diagnostic services, treatment, laboratory tests, insurance companies, pharmacies and managed care institutions. Claims are submitted to these organizations, to which coverage is made (Hendrick, 2010). Likewise, personal health information is regularly shared to colleges and pharmaceutical organizations for medical and health-administrations research purposes. Medical data, by law, must be report medical data carries various individual and societal profits. The capacity to access medical records has safeguarded the lives of unconscious patients carried into hospital emergency rooms.

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I conquer with the court's ruling about this case. Smoking is closely connected to crime as to suicide and alcoholism. This implies that approximately ninety percent of inmates commit crimes related to smoking. Therefore, it sets a negative example for it to be happening in any government organization, significantly less, a jail (Ducat, 2009). Smoking facilitates illegal drug trafficking: an alternate element in crime. Healthcare facilities, including hospitals should not permit smoking; likewise, prisons are not to permit it.

Additionally, according to the case law and common law against unlawful deaths, smoking is unlawful. Prison authorities may also set examples by being unsupportive or not aiding illegal actions. In collaboration with the courts, they must avoid believing that smoking bans incorporate individuals being adversely affected. Failure means their lives are in danger from poisons and toxic chemicals (World Health Organization, 2007).

Failure to ban smoking would translate to wastage of… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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Ethical and Legal Perspectives in Health Care Essay

Ethical and Legal Perspectives in Health Care Essay

Ethical and Legal Perspectives in Health Care Case Study

Ethical and Legal Perspectives in Health Care Essay

Ethical and Legal Perspectives in Health Care Case Study

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