Ethical Organization Term Paper

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Ethical Organization

Establishing an organization is a very hard task. It entails careful, selective and series of planning, conceptualization and strategic execution. Maintaining the organization is equally challenging. This will require continuous planning, sometimes reformatting, and of course exertion and implementation of the plans to live up with the vision and mission statement of the company. This is the very reason why the organizational structure - in terms of vision, mission, code of conducts, form of leadership and the likes - should always be transparent with every member of the organization. These are the very backbone of the organization and without it, without out the people happily and faithfully following what is stated in this visions and missions statement, the organization will surely have a brighter future ahead.

In lieu of this, detailed background information of an organization should b properly laid down so that every member of the organization can easily identify themselves with the organization. More so, having this information in 'black and white' will help in soliciting further assistance to and from the government and private sectors.

Description of the Organization

The name of the organization is "Global Homage." The name itself implies the commitment of the organization to the world and to the entire humanity.

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This organization is a Non-Government Organization (NGO) which will be focused in educating the people, particularly those in the rural areas or those from the 3rd world countries, about health and sanitation.

With globalization continuously rising, along with the fast-paced life that everybody is must be adapting with, it cannot be left unnoticed that health and cleanliness is being neglected. People, especially in rural and underdeveloped areas suffer from different kinds of diseases because of unmanaged health. Young and adults suffer from varied medical related problems because of unsanitary place they are living into.

TOPIC: Term Paper on Ethical Organization Assignment

Because of this scenario, Global Homage was established with which every member find it necessary for the people in the rural areas and those from the underdeveloped countries to be informed about the risks they are facing when health and sanitation is not maintained.

The target clientele of this organization is anyone from 18 and above years old, living in any rural and underdeveloped areas. Obviously, this is a non-profit, service oriented organization. Support from private and/or government agencies in terms of financing and servicing is detrimental for this organization.

Financial Aspects

As for funding, this organization distributes solicitation letters from different government and private companies. The letter contains the mission and vision and values statement of the organization. It is highlighted in the letter that whoever will be contributing for the organization will be recognized thru the flyers and informational materials that will be distributed by the organization during the conduct of its missions to far flung areas. The letter also includes details of where and how they can donate or provide assistance for the organization. A monthly or even quarterly contribution of specified amount will help greatly in running and maintaining of the organization.

Mission Statement

Educating the people from the rural and underdeveloped areas about health and sanitation and providing them better access to information and health services is the overall mission statement of the organization.

The organization is committed to educating the public through series of forums and information dissemination about the importance of health and sanitation and its relation to maintaining a healthy and balance lifestyle. This mission statement is ethical in nature because it did not bypass any governing body. More so, it is very clear that the organization is coordinating with other offices and agencies so that more and wider audiences will be reached by the services of the organization.

With this simple yet direct mission statement any community that will be targeted to be one of the recipients of the organization's services will never be confused as to what the organization can do. Everything is laid down from the mission statement alone.

Values Statement

The organization adheres to educating the people in the rural and underdeveloped areas about health and sanitation

The organization maintains legal standards in terms of financial management and supply handling when coordinating with the supporting government and private agencies and/or individuals

The organization seeks to provide its target audience with the needed information about health and sanitation correlating it with the need to be kept from diseases

The organization maintains high standards of information dissemination while seeing to it that the resources are balanced and well maintained

The organization aspires to target a wider scope and broader perspective by going into far flung areas, doing more researches and interacting with varied groups of people

The organization welcomes more volunteers and support groups that will be willing to share their knowledge and expertise regarding health and sanitation

With the above quoted values statements, it can be perceived that the organization is a small yet action driven form of organization. What it does is to simply educate and disseminate information to the people from rural and underdeveloped areas about. The topic is also simple as it is just about health and sanitation. But the aftermath of such action is very profound and immeasurable.

With healthy and clean area comes healthy lifestyle. With enough knowledge about health and sanitation will result to prevention of varied forms of diseases. With people who are kept informed about health and sanitation enhances action thereby resulting to safe and protected community.

Thus, it can be inferred that the above values statement will trigger action from the members of the organization and the members of the support group. It will also activate action and positive response from the intended audience.

The statement of values are directly related to the overall mission statement of the organization. The mission statement is actually the core basis why the values statements are established. More so, the values statement, if planned and done accordingly, will sum up to the attainment of the overall mission of the organization, thereby also maintaining the vision of the organization.

Code of Ethics

Below are the codes of ethics that every member of the Global Homage Organization adheres to:

Respect for self

It is necessary for every member to have high regard of themselves because they will be facing and educating the people. They need to exude confidence and show that they are credible and reliable enough to handle various situations when interacting and educating the people from different areas.

Respect for the organization

The organization must be respected. This is what keeps the member. The organization itself binds the commitment and loyalty of the members that it just necessary for every member to respect the organization - along with its vision and mission.

Respect for the clientele

The clientele are the very people with whom the organization wishes to serve. Wherever these clienteles may be and whatever their socio-economic status may be, they need and deserve to be respected, in all sense of the word.

Respect for the people who support the organization

The people who support the organization - thru moral, service and financial supports - significantly help in continuous running and/or performance of the organization. Needless to say, these supporters should be respected and treated with high regards.

Trustworthiness is a key inviting more people to join the organization and the same ethic is the very key to soliciting more help form various support groups.

If the organization and its members can be trusted in implementing the programs planned by the organization, more people will surely be motivated to join and share efforts and time in servicing the clientele of Global homage.

If the members of Global Homage can be entrusted with finances from the support groups (from the government and private sectors), then it will be easier for the organization to solicit more help in the future.

Honesty and Openness

Honesty is always parallel with being trustworthy. Every member of Global homage is expected to be honest with reports concerning the organization. Every issues, problems, concerns, and good performance will be communicated and discussed as a group.


There are huge and challenging tasks that every member may face once they are sent to different locations and meet culturally-diverse people. These areas or people needed change in the way they live their life. They need to be updated with information concerning their health and sanitation. Hence, any member who will be tasked to educate the people should be committed to changing the behavior of these people, regardless of how resistant they can be. More so, every members of the organization must be committed to help the people and uphold the vision and missions of the organization.


Since Global homage is a non-government civic organization, whose support from the people outside the organization is essential, there are times that these supporters would ask to keep their identity, and the organization (along with each and every member) must adhere to that.

In the same manner that some indigenous or poverty stricken areas (where Global homage would be servicing) would sometimes… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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