Ethics and Accountability Job Description Essay

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Ethics and Accountability, Job Description

Ethics and accountability

As manager in the Department of Labor, one relies heavily on their staff members to adequately carry on and implement the adopted policies, as well to test their applicability and results within the actual labor force, and to identify problems that still require resolutions. Such would be the general responsibility of a Department of Labor Inspector, namely the Health and Safety Inspector, and an important role in this function is played by the ability to operate under the norms of ethical behavior and accountability.

Job description

Work activities

Taking measurements, photographs, video recordings.

Arranging for any testing, examination or analysis to be carried out at the workplace.

Giving on site advice as appropriate during inspection visits.

Educating and guiding both the workforce and the employer in health and safety matters.

Writing reports on findings, and suggestions for changes needed to comply with legislation.

Raising the profile of health and safety at the workplace.

Work conditions

Travel: during work day is frequent as well as working away from home.

Working hours: regular extra hours but not weekends or shifts.

Location: in towns or cities throughout the country. Health and safety inspectors can find themselves outside in all weathers or in office and production environments with employees of all levels.

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Opportunities for self-employment: not possible though opportunities to work freelance as a health and safety consultant exist.

Career development

Opportunities exist to enter into safety consultancy and safety training.

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Ethical responsibilities



Ethical implications

Successful completion

Professional ethics


No discrimination

TOPIC: Essay on Ethics and Accountability Job Description Assignment

Equality of all people, regardless of any socio-economic criteria

Social injustice

Operation based on imposed standards and norms


Continued education

Personal and social development

Inability to keep up with the changing environment

Engagement and commitment in individual and organized learning programs

Organizational ethics


No conflicts of interest

Damaged reputation and trust in the system

Transparency and application of all norms and standards


Information privacy

Nondisclosure of data, unless under strict and legal circumstances

Loss of trust in the agency, lawsuits

Data confidentiality


Written contracts of terms

Clarity in all operations and transparency

Ambiguity, loss of trust, complaints, lawsuits, safety issues

Social ethics


Community well-being

This should always represent the focal point of the operations

Its neglect could lead to public damage of health and safety

Continuous application of norms and standards


No gifts and bribery

Decision making only based on safety and health… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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