Term Paper: Ethics in Accounting

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Ethics in Accounting

Companies are influential bodies whose actions, for superior or shoddier, put a major impression on people, entire communities, and the society as a whole. Their influence is of such proportion that a lot believe they should display greater accountability for their business policies and practices, for the betterment of both companies and society. The latest scams in accounting and auditing, and the mounting concern towards the responsibility of the companies for social and environmental impact have led to promising new researches and deliberations regarding the manner in which companies will be capable of maintaining increased legal, social and ethical standards in the spheres of accounting and auditing. (Accounting and Accountability: A Challenge for corporate culture)

Ethical values give the base on which every cultured society stands. In the absence of the base, society falls apart. The objective of ethics in business is to persuade businessmen and women to follow a code of conduct which assist, if not motivates the trust of the people in their products and services. Whether an individual gets ethical values from religious belief, history and literature, or individual observation and experience, certain fundamental ethical course of action are present to which everybody can consent. James Brackner, member of the IMA Committee on Ethics in the July edition of Management Accounting said: The Universities are taking action with an enhanced importance on ethical training for purposes of decision making. For the major portion, nevertheless, they overlook the purpose of educating values. For moral or ethical education to bear any significance, conformity on the values must be present which are believed to be "appropriate." In Chapter 1 of Ethical Issues in the Practice of Accounting, 1992, Michael Josephson defined the "Ten Universal Values." They are as under: honesty, integrity, living up to promises, loyalty, equality, caring, admiration for other people, dutiful citizenship, quest for quality and answerability. (Business and Accounting Ethics)

In the accounting discipline AICPA maintains and makes it obligatory for a code of professional conduct for public accountants. The Institute of Management Accountants -IMA and the Institute of Internal Auditors -IIA too maintains a code of ethics. Professional accounting establishments appreciate the responsibility of the accounting profession to supply ethical standards to its members. (Business and Accounting Ethics) Comprehending an ethical problem, giving a moral verdict, and building a purpose persuading to conduct are contained in a research on models of ethical reasoning. It reckons that ethical problem identification is a function of the subject's ethical understanding and moral strength of the problem. Interactions founded on stakeholder hypothesis enhanced subject's capability to identify ethical problems but did not modify their degree of moral reasoning. (Research on Accounting Ethics)

One more research discovered that the accountants occupied in tax practice often experience moral and ethical concerns emanating from their twin accountability to their clients as well as to government authorities. The accounting syllabus and textbooks prescribed in the preliminary accounting courses propose that meager or no endeavor has been made for inclusion of the topic of ethics in syllabus pertaining to tax. A research, which investigated the impact over a period of time of a training program including the portions of ethics all through the accounting curriculum, stated a boosting of reasoning ability of the students all through the categories. The research insists on the educators to broaden their approach, spell out their objectives and look… [END OF PREVIEW]

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