Ethics Awareness Inventory Ethical Choices Essay

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However, with the daily realization of the proverbial global village that today's international marketplace has become, I see that it is more valuable than ever for the enterprise to consider the effects of its operations and business processes on the surrounding environment. Specifically, it is essential to do so from a long-term sustainable perspective which not only protects, but ultimately benefits the world, the ecosystem, and the various inhabitants of both. Sustainability and the concept of 'going green' is a lot more than a marketing ploy to get customers to prefer a particular brand or product. It is actually a way of life that ethical companies need to embrace in order to conduct business in the future while "maintaining distinctions between economic efficiency and equity" (Pezzey and Toman, 2002, p. ii). I did not realize how great an effect multinational companies had on the surrounding world. However, there are a number of eminent ethical concerns related to the way that they operate -- which employee base they select, how well they treat those employees and the resources that fuel their company regardless of their location -- that myself and others in the contemporary global marketplace must consider and account for in an effort to be ethically responsible.

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Therefore, my perspective regarding the impact of ethics has significantly evolved to include a broadening of the wider ramifications of ethical behavior on the part of organizations. Enterprises have to do a lot more than simply ensure that their laborers are fulfilled; they must also fulfill environmental, political, social and logistical concerns of the overarching world around them in order to truly deserve the mantle of 'ethical' and "to make a serious commitment to ethics in the workplace" (Williams Institute, 2014).


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TOPIC: Essay on Ethics Awareness Inventory Ethical Choices Assignment

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Explain how your ethical perspective has evolved throughout the program. [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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