Ethics Has Been Regarded as Fundamental Practice Term Paper

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Ethics has been regarded as fundamental practice with reference to the all design research procedures, and it the responsibility of the research to ensure that the contents and the scope of the research is ethical and moral, the design research shall be conducted 'within an ethic of respect for persons, respect for knowledge, respect for democratic values, and respect for the quality of the literature' (David, 2006).

During the phase of research design, it is important to develop social relationship with the participants, and it is the responsibility of the researcher to ensure the existence of good communication and mutual trust between both the sides. Secondly, it is important to realize that 'central principle of ethical research is that of informed consent; Informed consent can be interpreted as, participants' (Deborah, 2001) have voluntarily agreed to be part of the research, and have understood what they are agreeing to, furthermore they must be informed of the purposes of the research, why it is being undertaken, and the institution which is overseeing it' (David, 2006). It is another major responsibility of the research design that participants enjoy the right to remain anonymous, 'the research site and the names of the participants must not be revealed; pseudonyms should be used where necessary', however in case if it is difficult to preserve their anonymity, the participants should be informed about the nature of difficult in concealing the identity' (Deborah, 2001).

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TOPIC: Term Paper on Ethics Has Been Regarded as Fundamental Practice Assignment

During the design research process if the videos and photographs are recorded for the collection of the data, there is a possibility that the identity of the participants 'may be revealed and that their privacy may be affected in unanticipated ways' (Deborah, 2001). It is the ethical responsibility of the researcher to inform the participants with reference to their rights regarding the recording statements and footage. The researchers are urged to practiced the ethical teachings in particular when 'researching with children or adolescents, in permission should be obtained from the school, and if they suggest it is necessary, from the parents, however in some circumstances, you may need to get the permission of the Department of Education' (David, 2006).

The design research shall be conducted once the consent from the participants is received, and the consent is voluntary, any element of force and reference shall be avoided, 'a research protocol should be drawn up and signed by each participant, which shall be clearly written in a language that the participant understands, in case if the participant is not literate, the document should be read to him/her' (David, 2006), the signed, approved and attested protocols should be attached as an appendix to the thesis. It is the ethical and moral responsibility of the researcher to store the contents of the data in secure position, 'data should be recorded in such as way that the identity of the participants remains confidential, if the data has to be necessarily shared with the third party, assurance shall be sought from the party to ensure the confidentiality of the data and research material' (David, 2006).

Further it is important for the researcher to respect he sanctity of the differences if any between the social outfit of the participant and self, 'the cultural, linguistic, religious, gendered and other significant differences, such as the power relationship between researcher and the participants, when the researcher plans, conducts and reports on the research' (Deborah, 2001). The ethical responsibility of the researcher compels them to 'pay careful attention to the way the people are represented, and situations in the research are discussed, the researcher is required to be conscious of the way the unexamined assumptions and perceptions might color the writing up of the research' (Deborah, 2001).

The researcher shall practice open communication, the relationship between the participants and researcher shall be perfect and elastic, 'the relationship should be one of partnership and trust'. It is the ethical responsibility of the researcher to provide possible data and the relevant interpretation to the participants, further it is the responsibility of the researcher 'to communicate their findings and the practical significance of their research in a clear and accessible manner' (Joan, 1982). The researcher during his design research should fabrication of the data, and shall avoid misreport data 'which might lead to erroneous conclusions'. It is important for the researcher 'to safeguard research against accusations… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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