Ethics of Care Serve as a Clever Term Paper

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Ethics of care serve as a clever alternative to the familiar moral theories that serve so poorly to guide an individual lives. The ethics of care is merely a few decades old, yet it is by now a distinctive moral theory or normative approach to the troubles humans face. It is important to global along with political matters as well as to the individual relations that can most clearly represent care (Virginia Held, 2007). However, the modern literature illustrate that ethics of care can be used as a theoretical basis to add a new, significant surface to social matters. The ethics of care is related to ethical theory to be exact a theory regarding what make an individual actions right as well as wrong. Plus it is one of a group of normative ethical theories that were originated by feminists in the mid of the twentieth century. Despite the fact that consequentialist as well as deontological ethical theories highlight universal values and independence where as ethics of care highlight the significance of relationships. In addition, it should be noted that the ethics of care was originally inspired and motivated by the efforts of psychologist Carol Gilligan who worked with psychologist Lawrence Kohlberg at the same time as he was doing research on his theory of moral development however Gilligan's efforts on women's moral development began in reaction to the apparent male based outcomes that arise from Kohlberg's learning some how Gilligan as well as others have recommended that the history of ethics in Western culture has highlighted the justice vision of morality for the reason that it is the point-of-view that has traditionally and conventionally been sophisticated as well as cultivated plus shared by males where as by marked different females have traditionally and usually been taught a unusual kind of moral outlook that highlights unity, building a community also caring about one's out of the ordinary relationships. So, the care view of morality has been disregarded, ignored, neglected and trivialized for the reason that women were traditionally at point of limited power as well as authority. In fact, justice view of morality emphasizes on doing the precise thing although if it need personal cost or forfeiting the interest of those to whom an individual is close moreover care view would instead indicate that an individual can and must place the interests of individuals who are close to us greater than the interests of total strangers as well as that one should be sophisticated and cultivated to their natural ability to care for others as well as themselves (Gilligan and Carol, 1982).

Furthermore, Proponents of an Ethics of Care highlights the responsibility of Mutual Interdependence along with Emotional Response that play significant part in humans' moral lives. In addition, it should be observed that a lot of human relationships and interactions involve persons who are helpless, reliant, sick as well as weak however the wanted and advantageous moral response is attached thoughtfulness, attentiveness and care to needs so an individual who take action from rule governed compulsions without correctly aligned feelings such as worry while a companion suffers seems to have a moral deficiency and insufficiency. Although just around the corner into the needs of others as well as considerate alertness to their state of affairs often come from the feelings more than motive as a result the emotions give the impression to have a cognitive role permitting an individual to grasp a situation that may not be instantaneously available to one arguing exclusively from a righteousness point-of-view. On the other hand to make critical evaluation of care ethic even more understandable the example of nurse who herself wants to help a patient die however who will not do so as it go against professional duty definitely describe the critical evolution of care ethic so its has been prescribed that… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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