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Ethics and Behavior

Ethics and morality

The discussion between the ethical can the moral has been going on for a long time and the philosophers tend to agree that these two terms most of the time are use interchangeably and at times may have a thin line between these two terms. There are issues that can be considered moral yet are unethical, and there are acts that also be considered ethical yet they are immoral. Morality is widely considered as the code of conduct that that is accepted by a given society and for those who can understand it, there is no universal standards to it. On the other hand, ethics are more general and have the aspect of general laws that guide them (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy, 2002). This paper hence makes the difference between these two terms by the use of a case study derived from a real happening within the U.S.A.

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The classic example that can be used to discuss the two terms is the well know issue of corrections officers pregnant by inmate Tavon White. According to Fuchs E., (2013) of National Post, the inmate manipulated several vulnerable female guards into not only being accomplices to his criminal acts behind bars but also to sleep with him and gave birth to five children with the four female guards. The manipulation of these guards into submission resulted in perpetuation of the very same crimes that the guards are supposed to be fighting and also the casting of doubt over the work ethics of the guards that were involved in this criminality and breach of work ethics either directly or indirectly. The fact that by so compromising their working conditions and guidelines and perpetuating drug trafficking and even some of the officers being beneficiaries to the fruits of these illegal acts in the prison gang, there are obviously significant ethical and moral issues that arise from the entire act.

TOPIC: Research Paper on Ethics Case Study Assignment

The cultural issues that arise from this case is the intentional targeting of the female guards and manipulating them with the intention of having them agree and do what the criminals want. This was both unethical in that the female guards were made to break the law but also immoral since they intentionally targeted the female gender hence gender-based discrimination. The other cultural aspect that was involved here was the race issue since the inmate involved was a black and what makes it more of a race issue was the fact that he ran and operated a gang called the Black Guerilla Family (BGF). This portrayed him and other blacks as being involved in the criminal acts taking advantage of their race grouping as an institution.

There was also politics involved in the entire saga since the female guards agreed to work with the gang and by implication they agreed to be recruited into the BGF knowing well that this was an organization that ran criminal activities. They, as law enforcement officers agreed to take a part and play that part on behalf of the ring leaders… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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