Ethics Contribute to Employee Commitment? Essay

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¶ … ethics contribute to employee commitment?

Despite the vastly broad range of answers that would fit in accordance to the context of such a question, and as related through Business Ethics, there are two direct subtopics that may prove to accurately cover what is assumed to be sought in the question being asked.

First, ethics in terms of a business's operatives and performance as an employer contribute to employee commitment in a number of ways. Foremost, the relation of respect that a business provides for its employees is undoubtedly the solidifying factor that ensures employee commitment. This is in essence, the idealistic model of a give-and-take relation - provide respect (through operatives) and receive respect (through commitment). Second, ethics in terms of an employee's own standard by which they measure up to an ethical level are specifically defined in contributing to commitment according to what these standards match in the area of sustaining responsibility and a true degree of loyalty. Obviously, if an individual (employee) has a level of ethics that parallel the expectations of an employer, then par for the commitment will be reached through the contribution of these ethical measures. To sum up an answer to such a broad question with a broad answer; ethics contribute to employee commitment in various ways, depending on where the ideals of ethics are being attributed.

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2. Why is reputation so important and what can companies such as Wal-Mart do to improve their reputation?

Essay on Ethics Contribute to Employee Commitment? Despite the Assignment

Reputation represents the single most effective manner of marketing and non-visual advertising - word-or-mouth. For lack of a better analogy; when you strip an entity of everything that comprises its self-deployed and self-asserted image, you have nothing left but its character. Character is what delineates reputation. In terms of a consumer-based company, such as Wal-Mart, the reputation can play a leading role in what dictates the consumers' decision making. When these reputations are on a limb, there is much a company can do to restore the 'faith', especially if the financial availabilities are present - which they are with Wal-Mart. Starting some of the Union-mirrored organizing within the employee infrastructure has already proven to be a positive affirmation among Wal-Mart employees. Community outreach programs also help to restore consumer opinions, which ultimately contribute to the development of the employee mainframe.

3. List three business problems, situations, or opportunities that you believe are ethical issues. Explain why.

Unrecognized holidays have begun to cause problems for employers with employees of a foreign culture, immigrant status or simply of uncommon faith. This is an ethical issue as it blatantly contradicts the intended ethical fibers that make up what we call our constitutional rights. The issue of employers providing a healthcare plan that covers the partners of homosexual employees is a very touchy subject with an ethical basis because you have some sects that claim these benefits are solely and strictly for spouses. Agreeing or disagreeing with either side of this dilemma is absolutely arbitrary as anyone could agree that this is a situation where ethical concern is regarded. A third issue could be derived from the perceived, unethical practices of outsourcing jobs to third world countries simply because of the less costly wages incurred. This issue dives into the infringements of the Fair Deal signed by President Truman.

4. If anyone is hurt by unfair competition among businesses, it would seem to be primarily other businesses. What ethical issues affecting consumers and society as a whole are created by unfair competition?

Going back to Wal-Mart, the unfair competition is presumed to be in the way of the incomparable product prices that leave the competition virtually out of business. Smaller communities that… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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