Ethics Criminal Justice Research Paper

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There are some organizational policy ethics impacting the criminal justice system, which are more generalized due to their being universal among all government agencies. For example, gender discrimination, sexual harassment, and equitable pay are all issues that play a role in criminal justice administration. Corruption in law enforcement and in the judiciary, as well as in correctional institutions, is also a managerial issue. Regulations can be in place to prevent ethical infractions, but ultimately criminal justice leaders need to be committed to preventing ethical infractions from taking place and using disciplinary procedures when they do happen. Unfortunately, criminal justice officials often do have conflicting duties, roles, and ethical frameworks to work with and within (Banks, 2012).

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Ethics is one of the most fundamental aspects of the criminal justice system, which is why it is important to discuss ethics when learning about criminal justice administration and operations. Philosophical traditions of ethics including deontology vs. utilitarianism play themselves out in the criminal justice arena, and there is no one right or wrong way of tackling ethical problems. Still, consistency in the application of ethical issues is important for ensuring that equal protection is put into practice. A sociological understanding of crime helps clear up some ethical issues, such as the role of race and class, as well as gender, in criminal justice. By becoming more sensitive to issues like racial profiling and police brutality, all branches of the criminal justice system can become more accountable.


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TOPIC: Research Paper on Ethics Criminal Justice Is an Assignment

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