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Ethics in Education a. Ethics are not a problem when one's ethics have not been challenged. The difficulty with ethics comes when one is faced with an ethical dilemma: that two or more core values are in conflict (1).

I don't think I have any difficulty with "amoral imagination." I know there are ethical points-of-view on any important issue. Bologna et. al. (PAGE) presented a hypothetical situation where a student teacher had ethical problems with the cooperating teacher's disciplinary tactics. In the example, the teacher made students stand at the blackboard with their noses in small circles for not completing work quickly enough. To me, that is clearly an unethical response, a punishment response to an educational problem.

However, I am not sure I would have the skill to negotiate such a situation. The cooperating teacher might see it as a judgment of her if I used the opportunity to reteach instead of punish. However, ethically I could not punish children for working slowly b. Intellectually I know that my actions have an effect, especially when teaching. I know that those actions can have ethical implications. For instance, I know that I must report any suspected cases of child abuse. Doing that is certainly an action that would have an effect.

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The difficulty I might encounter could stem from basic lack of experience. As a student teacher or new teacher, I might not always know what the ethical ramifications of certain actions might be. As a new teacher I might not be sure whether a student shows signs of child abuse. Maybe those aren't rope burns on her leg. Perhaps her leg got tangled in a rope swing. In such a situation I would seek advice from others.

c. Ability to analyze the critically ethical dilemmas, including and understanding of competing values and the ability to scrutinize options for resolution.

Term Paper on Ethics in Education A. Ethics Are Not Assignment

As Luckowski (PAGE) points out, when two core ethical concepts compete, the danger exists that a teacher will choose a pragmatic rather than an ethical solution.… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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