Ethics and Human Resource Management Term Paper

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Kant suggested that no matter how much happiness we get from these actions, these actions should always be avoided. According to Kant, every individual must ask itself two basic questions before acting on a specific manner, fist question is that can everybody act as I want them to? If not then I should not perform any action from my behalf which in many cases means enforcing my forceful will on the other.

The second question is that the actions that are about to be taken by me really respect other persons or am I just using it selfishly for own satisfaction. Here also if the reply from me is no then any action in this scope should not be taken. In a business environment every individual must remember these two lessons in general and should always act accordingly. From the personal point-of-view, any person either male or female must put forward the interest of the firm as well as that of other individuals, it is the main focus of the Kantian model of ethical evaluation.

The discrimination would automatically end if the person who discriminates others cares more about the will of others, it will make him focus on the broader picture which focuses more on the long-term effects rather than short-term personal gains. Many of the individuals who abuse their power in discriminating others often did not get the complete satisfaction that they desire, they also put their careers, jobs and life in jeopardy and go for the obvious rather than the right.

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Here, every employee should respect the will of the others for the greater good of everyone. In many cases the decisions which often taken by the firm might count as abusive or discriminative but in reality are not intended to hurt anyone. In this case the firm must adopt a policy of mutual consent which allows the employees to share their viewpoints on the decisions taken by the firm. The firm must put forward the things it can do and which it can not, it should also set aside the reasoning for every action which might be complained from the employees.

Term Paper on Ethics and Human Resource Management Assignment

This greatly helps in gaining the overall confidence of the employees, they feel that they have more say in the matters of the firm.

States of Discrimination

Though it is commonly observed that the great majority of the cases of gender discrimination especially sexual discrimination involve males who victimize the females, there seems to be a different aspect of this problem which is also growing in the number of cases, here we observe the males being discriminated by the females. Examples of such real life event are as follows,

Case 1

A male employee at a cosmetics counter from a department store in the state of Florida once became very upset because his clothes were badly tainted by the product he was selling. He then asked the proper senior authority to give him a substitute uniform of any kind, at his store many of the female personnel who were working besides him and performed duties on many different make-up counters had many different substitute uniforms which they all wore time and time again.

"This made them more attractive in appearance as compared to the male employee and as a result, they often got more customers than their male counterpart." (Ridder, 1994). The request of a new separate uniform for the male employee was completely ignored by the senior level management in the store. This made the male employee in the feeling of being let down by the management severely which seemed to be focusing on only the female employees and their issues as compared to him. Later on, this employee also made allegations that he was deliberately ignored by the senior management and more often was passed over in cases of promotions. This also deeply affected him on personal level and his overall confidence in performing his duties suffered great blows, he also felt that he is completely alone and due to this reason under performed at many key occasions.

All the main sales which occurred at the store were done by the leading female personnel and he was unable to compete with them. Also, all of the main awards offered by the store like employee of the month, rise in payment or any other kind were honored almost exclusively to women. From here on the victim employee charged a claim on gender discrimination with EEOC which is a federal organization in the United States which handles these types of complaints. He later on went to charge a lawsuit targeting the senior level management of his store.

Case 2

There was a case involving a male employee in a private firm in Philadelphia, United States. Here, the employee filed a lawsuit on gender discrimination. The employee in this case complained that he was made to lose his job after he made an official complaint to his senior level management that he has in many different occasions told to do the night shift at the organization whereas the female employees which work besides him never did the night shift. This made him very suspicious and it allowed him to commit more time towards the firm while having little or no impact on any chances of rewards being offered such as a pay rise, promotion or just the additional pay offered at over time duties which he in this case seemed to have been performing.

The organization in their part had enforced a regulation which stated that the female employees are not allowed at all to work at the night mainly because the organization's office was presented in an area of the city which was suffering from huge crime rates and the senior level management did not wanted to take any risks with their female employees.

Many of the female employees even gave threats of quitting the job if they are told to work on the night shift. The organization claimed that this rule imposed by them was in fact bona fide occupant qualification (this means that the policy is exempted from the discrimination point-of-view by the EEOC). "When the case was taken to the courts, it was decided by the law that this is not the case here, so the judgment came in favor of the male employee who filed the complaint. " (Bobbin, 1996)

Other cases

Like the cases mentioned above involving male employees being discriminated in favor of the female counterparts, there are also many cases where discrimination is observed involving the cases of same-sex harassment. Here one example regarding this case comes from an offshore oil rig plant where the target employee worked. After many months since the start of the work of the employee, he alleged that he has been a victim of continuous harassment from his male supervisors who often subjects him to severe sexual assaults and at one place have even threatened him to fire of his job if he made any sort of complaint anywhere.

This was reported by the victim male employee to the official complaint department but after many tries and attempts to lodge a complaint against the culprits, no action was taken. He felt very alone and being let down by everyone at the firm which greatly affected his ability to work and do his job efficiently as per required by the firm.

He finally quit from the job at the oil rig and then later on filed a lawsuit against his former organization. In a case spreading through many controversies and legal hurdles, he finally won at the end in his claim.


Gender discrimination is a serious problem which affects the business world today, here we have witnessed in some detail on many of its phenomena as well as the causes and reasons behind it. The business ethics of any structured and sophisticated environment promotes the rights of each and every employees through rules and regulations which greatly guides the moral values of the entire staff and personnel. It is therefore the duty of the persons in charge or common employees to follow these regulations so that the best can be made within the business environment. We mentioned many cases where the target person was deliberately let down by others on duty as well as senior management just because of its gender.

These cases highlight the need to fully and effectively enforce the business ethics which protect the rights of every individual so that no employee tries to take matter in its own hands as in the above cases where they were forced to seek help from the federal government in their respective cases.

"It is a practice which deeply affects the image of the company as new personnel who want to apply for job would look at this factor with a close eye and judge the organization greatly from this point-of-view." (Sims, 2003). It should also be a known fact that gender discrimination can cause huge… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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