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¶ … ethics issues presenting in this scenario. First, the patient who is to be admitted has cancer and a tumor which involves several major organs of the patient's body. The chances for the patient's survival are already greatly reduce in addition to the hospital already having a reputation for incompetence and the patient's chances of surviving the surgery are very low. The hospital administrator's decision to conduct the experimental surgery is more focused on the large donation that is promised if the surgery is performed presenting an ethics issue related to placing more importance on hospital funding than on saving the life of the patient or on doing the right thing for the patient. Finally, this case should have undergone the review of the hospital ethics committee before a decision was made to admit this patient.

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Ethics committees are reported to have "a long history of serving as a useful resource for hospital staff addressing ethical challenges." (Nelson and Elliott, nd, p.1) the role of the ethics committee in the hospital organization includes: (1) consultation; (2) education; (3) policy and (4) hospital self-evaluation. (, p.2) the ethics consultation is prospective in nature with open access to physicians, nurses, social workers, the patient and the patient's family. The administrative authority of the ethics consultation is the medical staff and administrative staff committees. The ethics consultation involves analysis of the issue which is presented by the physician and the identification of the ethical conflict. The patient's preferences and best interests are identified and the possible alternative or resolution is discussed and justified.

TOPIC: Term Paper on Ethics Issues Presenting in This Scenario. First, Assignment

The ethics consultation provides a forum for ethical dilemma or conflict consideration so that any ethical issues relating to social values, law and institutional policy can be considered. The hospital policy and the law must be identified and the question of what is ethical according to the law and the policies of the hospital. (Donovan, nd, paraphrased) Therefore, with this information applied, in this case it is not possible to determine what is ethically appropriate without the review of an ethics committee. The ethics committee has the knowledge and expertise to weigh the facts of the case with the applicable hospital policy matter and the relevant state and federal laws relating to hospital ethics. Therefore, in order for an ethical decision to be made in this case, it is necessary that the hospital ethics committee be contacted on the issue and that the ethics committee call a meeting on this case in order to determine the ethical issues as they relate to hospital policy and relevant and applicable laws. Murphy (1989) examines the role of the nurse on hospital ethics committees and states that the appropriate involvement of the nurse on the ethics committee is one that has a part is "assuring adequate information, multiple perspectives, sufficiently deliberate thought, emotional support for all decision makers and legal acceptability" in that the nurse assists by "helping to assure patient, family and professional participants that they have done their best under difficult constraints." (Murphy, 1989, p.1) the role of the nurse is that of patient advocate." (Murphy, 1989, p.1) an ethics committee is critically important… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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