Ethics Journal in Goldman Essay

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While it would be illegal to fire someone because of his or her religious beliefs, the issue in this scenario goes beyond the employee's personal religious beliefs. In many ways, he infringed upon the religious freedoms of his fellow coworkers. He was in a leadership position and handed out religious propaganda at his workplace. When coworkers complained that this behavior was making him uncomfortable, and he persisted in his behavior. In many ways, it can be conceived that Coppedge's own behavior was actually creating a hostile work environment for his coworkers, who were having their own rights to religious freedom infringed upon by Coppedge.

The moral issue in this case really involves an investigation of the boundaries of religious freedom. Can one person's religious freedom be allowed to negatively impact the rights of others? What obligations does a company have to protect people in terms of religious freedom? Do they have to protect employees from religious speech by coworkers, or do they have to protect people's rights to religious freedom in the workplace?

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In The world's most ethical companies, Jacquelyn Smith discussed the release of Ethisphere Institute's sixth annual list of the most ethical companies in the world. It listed those companies; however, it also described how Ethisphere came up with that list. It uses a proprietary rating system, the Ethics Quotient, which is based on a series of multiple-choice questions in a survey. These questions focus on the codes of ethics, litigation, regulatory infraction histories, investment in innovation, sustainable business practices, and other factors it considered important to ethical history. The company then independently verifies survey information and checks with governance lists with governance-focused organizations. They found growth in the international arena, as well as a significant number of repeats among the top countries on the list.

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The ethical issue that seemed interesting is why companies are as interested as being recognized as ethical companies. One of the noted reasons is that companies use that recognition in the recruitment materials, because the workforce has become more interested in working for ethical organizations. Furthermore, companies can use this status to help attract customers. Therefore, there are some real benefits to getting on the list.

The ethical and moral issue raised by the article is whether being listed on an ethical list should be something that companies seek? Obviously, they should seek to engage in the type of behaviors that would result in their inclusion on the list, but whether they should seek to be named on the list itself is another issue. Do these [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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