Ethics in Law Enforcement Essay

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It also destroys the public's confidence in their law enforcers and defames all law enforcement departments.

When law enforcers are given the power to use force or other such liberties, it is because they are expected to act ethically and responsibly. That is why normally departments upon recruitment look into an individual's previous moral and ethical background. They view their past conduct, as Aristotle claims that a person's actions reveal his character. However, it has been noticed that actions are not always the best judge of someone's character. As is evident in the study conducted by Stanley Milgram, a psychologist employed by Yale University, that moral judgments are tested and pressurized by external sources. Therefore he concludes that in pressure situations people often rely on the judgment of others. Officers are trained to behave ethically by the use of operant conditioning. However, the downside is that they learn to obey the one in control of the rewards and punishments, which could result in corrupting influence.

Therefore, law enforcement organizations need to establish stricter ethical codes, lay emphasis on their enforcement and carry out ensure that everyone is held accountable for violating their moral duties (Fitch, B. D, 2011).


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