Ethics in Management the Moral Essay

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The transaction between the buyer and the seller must be voluntary. Furthermore the transaction should not be made in the context of "misinformation, inadequate information, misleading information, vaguely stated information, and so on (Narveson, 1998; pg 48)." Sometimes, sellers may not provide complete information about a certain product; or may lie about certain attributes of a product; or still in other cases the information may be provided in extremely ambiguous and generalized terms, which may make the buyer unsatisfied and force him/her to complain. In a free market economy, customer redress is a significant factor for continued business growth and development. And while business owners have the right to put forward their side of the story; ultimately though consumers decide whether to continue dealing with a particular company or not. As Narveson (1998; pg 58) points out, "there are many resources available for dealing with consumer complaints. To have a free market is, by definition, to have an arrangement in which no one is forced to buy or sell. Thus, one way of dealing with unsatisfactory merchants is utterly inherent in the market idea: that of just not dealing with the offending merchant. In the end, this is the maximally effective one. A business without customers is not longer a business - that is the discipline of the market. Woe awaits the businessman who tries to violate these principles on any on-going basis."


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Dharwadkar, R., George, G., & Brandes, P. (2000). Privatization in emerging economies: An agency theory perspective. Academy of Management Review, 25(3), 650-669.

TOPIC: Essay on Ethics in Management the Moral Assignment

Narveson, J. (1998). Ethics in the Business and Professional Life: Prepared for Philosophy 215: Business and…
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