Ethics in Military Essay

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This does mean that some military members will lose their life protecting the nation in war times.

On the other hand, if one military member is acting in dishonorable ways, society will deem the integrity of the entire military force as questionable in terms of providing that protection to the nation. Dishonorable actions create a weak link in the military chain that gets other military members injured or dead. It also gives enemies advantages to do more harm not only to military members, but to the society of the nation as well.

Volunteering to military duty requires the signing of a pledge to recognize professionalism, being bound to the same Code of Ethics as other military professionals, accept the responsibilities, and respect matters of confidentiality (FRG Volunteer Code of Ethics, n.d.). This means that regardless of whether the member is paid or volunteer, or regardless of their respective roles, they are expected to perform their duties with the same high ethical standards of integrity. Dishonorable actions, such as the breaking of confidentiality, discredits the entire military force, not just the volunteer member. Honorable actions of the volunteer brings a higher standard of integrity to the entire military force in protecting the honor and independence of the nation.

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The duty of the military requires high ethical standards in producing integrity. Each member is responsible for shared responsibilities that include ethical actions, whether they are a paid member or volunteer. Following ethical standards produces the integrity of the military in protection of the honor and independence of the nation. Not following ethical standards produces higher casualties and breaks down the confidence in the military by societal members.


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Essay on Ethics in Military All Military Assignment

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