Ethics and Morality Essay

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While the youth can learn academically through the education process, they need to have some morals, principals, and values that enhance their productivity and effectiveness in academics. Morality can be instilled as part of the education process for the youth through incorporating certain values and principals in the learning institutions. Incorporating these values and principals in the learning institutions as part of the rules and regulations will force the youth to have great character rather than just intellectual abilities.

Moral Responsibilities of Individuals:

While people remain largely unfamiliar with the concept of morality, it is still an important aspect of today's society. Actually, every individual has personal, shared, and collective moral responsibility for people and environments they live in. One of the moral responsibilities individuals have to family members, friends, institutions, political, and physical environments is to ensure that their decisions and actions do not harm others and the environment. This responsibility helps in developing positive bonds and relationships with family members, friends, institutions, and political or physical environments in which they live in. Secondly, individuals have moral responsibilities of honesty, compassion, modesty, and courage to people and environments where they live.

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TOPIC: Essay on Ethics and Morality: The Concept Assignment

Since individuals have moral responsibilities to family members, friends, institutional, and political or physical environments, they have social moral responsibilities. Moreover, these individuals have personal moral responsibilities because their decisions and actions are either right or wrong based on the need to behave in a certain way. Individual moral responsibilities basically originate from a person's conscience with regards to his/her view of right or wrong. On the contrary, social moral responsibilities are attributed to the need for a person's actions and decisions to be within the acceptable moral standards in the society. Therefore, there is an increased need to balance personal and social moral responsibilities. This can be achieved through adoption of universally acceptable moral standards and avoiding obstacles to having a moral life.

Personal Characteristics for a Moral Life:

In order for an individual to have a moral life, there are certain personal characteristics that are important for the process. Some of these necessary individual characteristics include honesty, integrity, courage, care, compassion, self-control, personal responsibility, empathy, respect for others, perseverance, patience, forgiveness, willingness to sacrifice, and being cooperative. These characteristics are not only essential for upholding a moral life but for balancing personal and social moral responsibilities. They also enable the individual to develop appropriate moral standards, principals, and values. [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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