Ethics and Morality the Ethical Decision Making Research Proposal

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Ethics and Morality

The ethical decision making framework includes the concepts of ethical issues intensity, organizational factors, individual factors and opportunity. Discuss how these concepts influence the ethical decision making process.

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Ethical issues intensity is one of the key aspects of how an organization defines its cultural norms, values and beliefs as they relate to how ethics are interpreted and acted upon. The interpretation of opportunities is also defined by the ethical issues intensity of a given organizations' culture as well. In turn organizational factors and individual factors frame or put into context the specific ethical questions an organization confronts over time. The ethical judgment of any opportunity then is more governed by the ethical issues intensity of a given culture first and further clarified by organizational and individualized factors as well. In total, these factors create a cultural baseline of ethics that in turn define the overall framework by which an organization will define itself through its ethical decisions and choices over time. In fact the nature of just what is and is not an opportunity will be interpreted through the use of a given organizations' ethical framework. While there are many different aspects to the development of an ethics framework, the most pervasive is a reliance on utilitarianism that centers on putting the collective good of all in front of the good of just a few. The need for creating an ethics framework to ensure a high level of compliance to ethical standards and values is also crucial. The bottom line is that all these factors contribute to the development of a sustainable and strong ethics framework over time.

Research Proposal on Ethics and Morality the Ethical Decision Making Assignment

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