Ethics and Morality: Integrity Term Paper

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III. Values in Relation to Law

Carter (1996) addresses the subject area of law in relation to individual value and principle development in the individual. Salzman (2001)

IV. Values in Relation to Religion

Salzman addresses this realm of value formation as he tells the story of Sister John, a cloistered nun who has experienced divine visions which are followed by an extremely excruciating headache. It is discovered that this nun in actuality has a brain tumor which is probably causing the visions. Sister John has to make the difficult decision whether to risk herself and continue receiving visions knowing all the while they may be false and as well to do so may even cost her very life. Her 'visitations' with God were influenced by her value and belief system that underwent its' formation under the tutelage of her teacher at the convent.

V. The Importance of Integrity and Ethics

The importances of integrity and of ethics are clear themes in both the work of Salzman (2001) and Carter (1996). Without the critical factor of integrity throughout this would have been a much duller work and would have carried much less import for the individual's perusal. Integrity is what the individual's word is actually worth and is a measure by which an individual might be judged as to their character.

VI. Examples of The Source Material

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Sister John literally takes upon herself the literal burden borne by Christ as she begins her day and "dropped to her knees on the floor of her cell, and offered the day to God .[praying]: "Let these clothes remind me of my consecration to this life of enclosure, silence, and solitude. It is interesting that the 'mystical' life of Carmel resided in mundane everyday things and indeed within that everyday realm was the discovery of things so special. Salzman writes,

"Pure awareness stripped her of everything. She became an ember carried upward by the heat of an invisible flame. Higher and higher she rose, away from all she knew. "

Term Paper on Ethics and Morality: Integrity the Assignment

Carter states that, "because of the difficulty of trying to raise children with good social values in a nation that talks about values but often can't live up to its aspirations. "Integrity is the crucial element of good citizenship. It's more important to know if someone has integrity than to know whether I agree or disagree with him. If you lack integrity, nothing else you say you believe matters." Integrity is more than honesty, writes Carter.

VII. Summary and Conclusion

Both of the works have a clear message relating to integrity and choices in life or the lack of them and how these values are formed within the realm of family, law and religion.

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