Ethics, Morality, Values, and Beliefs Term Paper

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Morally, defense lawyers may feel a sense of repugnance on an emotional level, based on their childhood teachings, when representing guilty clients. But legal, ethical systems of professional conduct are constructed and articulated as absolutes, particularly for a profession may conflict with morality. Likewise, a businessperson who is a CEO has vowed to make a profit for the company -- it is unethical for him to better his once-humble family's home life with largess while stealing funds even from wealthy stockholders.

Beliefs, in contrast to ethics or morality do not have good/bad implications. I can believe in God, or believe in Darwinism, but that does not mean I believe God is good or evolution is good, merely that I believe they exist, based on my intellectual orientation. I may value the pursuit of education and having a family as one of my core values, or value upholding the virtues of being a good child and a good friend, but values are rather vague in terms of priority, for they do not instruct that one must do one or the other action -- ethically I am bound as someone with insider information about a stock not to reveal that information, even if I value someone's friend friendship, because I value my commitment to my professional code more than simple friendship.Get full Download Microsoft Word File access
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Term Paper on Ethics, Morality, Values, and Beliefs Assignment

In terms of my own development of ethics, probably the first ethical education any child receives comes when he or she is first tempted to swipe a piece of candy from a store. Unlike the moral commandment to 'be nice to your sister,' or else she will cry, or the value of friendship not to 'snitch' in class when your best friend doesn't have his homework, eventually one learns that one has an ethical obligation not to steal. This is true even if the store owner thinks it is cute to see a little person act like a thief and you suffers no consequences for the action, after your mother forces you to take the candy back. In other words, ethics is about right and wrong, rather than what might happen to you if you do a bad thing, and even if you gave the candy bar to your best friend and upheld the value of friendship and fellowship, it would still stand as an ethical wrong.

Beyond the family and school, however, ethics is often situation-specific in professional life. This is perhaps why there are so many business scandals, because if everyone appears to loosely regard ethical rules, it is tempting not to uphold rigorous standards such as not cheating the company's time, doing the best work one can do at all times, etc. This is especially blurry regarding work, because it is hard to say if one is working hard to achieve a promotion, or because one is ethically bound to do so on behalf of a paying client.

One would like to think that beyond the values of company loyalty and money, the morality of doing well for one's family and future income and children, and the belief in one's own innate talent, one is always an ethical decision maker at work. At work, one likes to think one puts the client's needs before one's immediate ego gratification, and that the ethical satisfaction of honesty and tact are bestow their own rewards.

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