Ethics of Organ Donation Incentives and Mandates Case Study

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¶ … ethics of organ donation incentives and mandates continue to challenge the perception and values of healthcare professionals, legislators and lawmakers, and most of all, the general public. The intent of this analysis is to evaluate three quantitatively-based studies that taken together serve to illustrate the paradoxes of the ethics of organ donor and the role of utilitarian ethics specifically. The ethical decision of allowing family members to allow for organ donation once a person has been declared brain dead puts the issue of utilitarian ethics at the forefront of any debate (Siminoff, Burant, Youngner, 2004). The overall trend in medical ethics surrounds a more deontological than utilitarian approach (the means are more important than the result). The combination of ethics of care and virtue ethics support relationships more than philosophical debate (Tschudin, 2003).Download full Download Microsoft Word File
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TOPIC: Case Study on Ethics of Organ Donation Incentives and Mandates Assignment

The ethical and religious factors from an Islamic perspective are made more complex when cash incentives are offered to organ donors while they are still in good health (Bagheri, 2006). Another aspect of organ donor programs is the perspective of seeing the problem from a supply chain standpoint, with methodologies that reflect a more forecasting-based approach to supply and demand (Guadagnoli, Christiansen, Beasley, 2003). This becomes even more complex when one realizes that the trends in healthcare point more towards a paradigm of inclusion and advocacy for patient's rights and the individual's ability and expectation to not just participate in their own healthcare paradigm, but to take an active role in whatever ethical or moral judgment might affect their ability to do so. The philosophical combination of advocacy and ethics, while still remaining true to the realities of budgets and the need for a medical institution to make a profit, is a contemporary medical health issue comprising three essential attributes, respect for patient value & individuality, education of patients, and cognition and respect for the realities of contemporary medicine (Burkhard,, 2007).

Of these three approaches are analyzed from the standpoint of the research question asked, explanation of the research study design, a summarization of the methodology and discussion of results and conclusions. The fact that globally there are organ shortages further forces the issues surrounding ethics and policy direction (Harter, 2008). In response to the multifaceted approach the healthcare industry is taking to resolving this shortage, many healthcare companies are pushing the ethical boundaries and personal choice in this area (Ross, 2006).

Utilitarianism and Deotology - At the very center of the debate on euthanasia lies the core of individual and societal ethics. Philosophically, ethics is a rubric used to understand and explain the way humans morally organize events… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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