Ethics in Organizational Decision Making Term Paper

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Ethics in Organizational Decision Making

The phrase "business ethics" is often cited as an oxymoron. However, the accountancy scandals at WorldCom and Enron have demonstrated that departments cannot exist in ethical isolation from other departments within any business organization. Rather the executive and accountancy departments must be informed of one another's doings, and the common employee cannot ignore the effect of corporate misdeeds upon his or her company survival's and thus his or her secure pension plan. The negative publicity garnered by the excesses of such CEOs as Martha Stewart, regarding a private scandal of insider trading, and the CEO of Tyco and his public accusations of embezzlement also highlight that businesses must have formal ethical codes in today's evolving organizational climate of increased media and even stockholder scrutiny.

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Term Paper on Ethics in Organizational Decision Making the Phrase Assignment

The increased scrutiny upon business ethics caused one notable educational organization, namely the Harvard Business School, to exercise its ethical decision making in a particularly rigorous capacity regarding admissions. The AP Press noted that when one candidate for the coveted MBA at Harvard, after writing numerous essays about the need for business ethics, made a decision "late at night, with his laptop propped in front of him in bed," when "instructions on a Web site promised business school applicants like him an early online peek at whether they'd been accepted," and "intrigued, he began typing," only one "minute later he'd accessed the Harvard Business School's admission site, though all he saw was a blank page. That split-second decision cost the 28-year-old New Yorker a chance to attend the school this year." (AP Wire, 20050 in a blanket rejection issued Monday, "Harvard dashed the hopes of 119 applicants, as did MIT who followed suit Tuesday, rejecting 32 applicants that used a method of computer hacking a method detailed in a Business Week online forum to try to get an early glimpse at admissions decisions in top business schools...It seemed to us you would have to have pretty bad judgment or pretty bad ethics not to know you were doing something wrong," an MIT admissions officer said. "If you don't realize you shouldn't do that, something's off." (AP Wire, 2005)

Thus, the ethical decision making even of potential business school candidates, in the cases of two top schools had a deleterious impact upon the decision-making of the admissions office, regardless of the candidate's credentials, or even their intelligence in terms of using the designated method. Although available through a respected business publication, this was no guarantee of the ethics of the hacking method, believed Harvard and MIT, although Duke, Stanford, and Dartmouth's decisions regarding the matter are still pending, as they consider the availability of the information to perhaps exculpate the hackers.

These students had a choice. They could have waited until the published date of their decision. They chose to exercise these steps," Lee Metheny, chief executive and president of Apply Yourself, a Fairfax, Va.-based online application and notification program company used by all the schools. But Sanford Kreisberg of Cambridge Essay Service, which helps students apply to elite U.S. business schools, said although the applicants made… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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