Ethics Policy Essay

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Ethics Policy

Giany Plc. was founded in 1997 by former athlete George Hamilton, who had a vision of improving the American way of life. His ideal was that of a world in which physical education, exercise and effort were no longer neglected and avoided, but embraced as elements which improve the human life. Today, Giany Plc. employs a total of 50 staff members, who offer their services within the company's locations, as well as on locations desired by the customers. The company's main products and services refer to the coaching of sports leagues from school up until the individual is recruited by a professional sports team. Aside this however, Giany Plc. also offers exercise services such as aerobics classes or gym training (with the possibility of contracting a personal trainer). On some occasions even, the Giany Plc. trainers have even been asked to participate to corporate parties and events and help the corporate employees climb mountains and rocks, play football, volleyball, basketball and a series of other sports offered as incentives to the corporate staff members. The organization is however open to a multitude of collaborations as long as these help promote exercise to an ill population.

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Giany Plc. is located in Sacramento, California and it serves an estimated 5,000 customers. These clients are reached through a strong organizational strategy which includes efforts to expand the organization and increase its presence within the community, but also due to a strong marketing campaign which promotes the benefits of sports and manages to attract customers. The high quality of the services offered as well as the pleasant facilities and the engaging staff members generate customer loyalty and as such revenues sustainability.

TOPIC: Essay on Ethics Policy Assignment

In terms of ethics however, these are generally implied and the staff members at Giany view their managerial team as the role model in the treatment of each other and the rest of the organizational stakeholder categories.… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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