Ethics: Professional Behavior a Sense of Personal Essay

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Ethics: Professional Behavior

A sense of personal responsibility is what man must possess in order to act in an ethically sound manner in various situations. Without this sense, it is very easy to go astray in personal and professional lives. Countless examples of corporate fraud recently and in the last one decade has shown that CEOs can adopt cause harm to millions of stakeholders for their own profits simply because they lack a sense of responsibility to themselves and others. This lack of responsibility emerges from their larger than life image in the world which offers them impunity and it takes a great deal of investigation, years of following leads and finally a major insider disclosure to set the record straight. The reason many CEOs need government involvement to correct their behavior is because they do not feel accountable to anyone. If a person understands that he is accountable to someone and in many cases, more than one person, they would keep a close eye on their own behavior and actions.Get full Download Microsoft Word File access
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Essay on Ethics: Professional Behavior a Sense of Personal Assignment

When I read about all the fraud and accident cases where companies either deliberately fooled their investors into believing that company was profitable or where companies caused serious damage to lives of millions through their own careless actions, I wonder what kind of professional would I want to be? Despite the temptation of wealth and status, I believe that it is the personal values and beliefs of a person that should be a priority in life. We all love success but that doesn't need to come at the cost of our personal values and good behavior. Why can't a person amass wealth and success and still stay true to his core values? The answer is not simple… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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