Ethics Resource Officer Study: Validity and Reliability Research Proposal

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Resource Officer Study: Validity and Reliability

In many ways, qualitatively-based data gathering is a process which is distinctly advantageous in the creation of a study which aspires to realistic and humanistic applications. By demanding that researchers enter into real-world contexts, either literally or theoretically through contextualizing data collection instruments, in order to make observations, gather data and interpret it thusly, field-research enables its implementers to gain insights into a study subject within its natural context. The result is that such "qualitative case study methods and design strategies can be particularly useful for evaluation of individualized participant outcomes and organization-level impacts." (Patton, 159)

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This is particularly true with respect to the investigation of job conditions and potential institutional obstacles relating to the challenging work of resource officers. Due to the fact that the study will be based on semi-structured interview processes face-to-face with subjects, it is important to ensure a demonstration of validity which overcomes the non-experimental nature of the investigation. First and foremost, this demands a demonstration of construct validity. According to Golafshani, "the construct is the initial concept, notion, question or hypothesis that determines which data is to be gathered and how it is to be gathered." (Golafshani, 599) In this case, that means that the line of questioning used to guide an open-ended exchange between researcher and subject must be inherently centered on the answering research questions objectively. The nature and phrasing of questions will play a part in how effectively the interview process actually guides the research toward reliable findings relating resource officer job characteristics to recommendations for improved accommodation thereof.

Research Proposal on Ethics Resource Officer Study: Validity and Reliability Assignment

The internal validity of the study is a concern as well, and is provided for by the restraints preventing lapses in objectivity or professionalism, particularly on the part of the researcher.… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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