Ethics Trends in the Meeting/Convention Essay

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Thus, for those in the industry, the convention business is going to have to see its costs reduced. Indeed, this means for managers that they need to find a way to do more with less. Customers expect more, and managers in the business need to give them more, but they will also be competing on price. With margins squeezed, profitability is going to be dependent on strict cost controls.

Another implication is also related to pricing. It may come to pass that the convention itself must be a loss leader. For the hospitality manager, conventions have been a great source of profits because of the way that individual costs are lumped into aggregated pricing, reducing the ability of buyers to understand exactly what they are paying for. However, at this point, the hospitality manager may need to use the convention as a loss leader and hopefully earn back that money elsewhere, taking advantage of the captive audience and discretionary purchases.

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There will also need to be more creative marketing in order to bring people in. Major convention clusters (Orlando, Las Vegas, etc.) have been able to succeed by being a destination foremost, and then having the individual convention centers sell themselves after that point. This approach can work wherever a cluster exists, but it requires a high level of cooperation. Local officials and competitors all need to work together. In addition, there needs to be airline support. Remember that one of the trends is a long-tern concern about higher fuel prices making flying to conventions less desirable. If there is some cooperation between destinations and airlines to help manage connections and costs, this could pay off in the long run.


TOPIC: Essay on Ethics Trends in the Meeting/Convention Assignment

There are few ethical issues to consider with respect to these trends. This is business, so there is no worry about competing vigorously to attract business. If your convention center puts somebody else's out of business, that is just part of being in a competitive business, and such shakeout is expected eventually due to overcapacity in the industry. The issues identified simply do not have any ethical dilemmas.

If there is an ethical dilemma, it lies with the sustainability of the entire industry. With electronic meeting technology available, there is only so much need for massive convention centers and meeting halls. Sustainability is not as simple as putting solar panels on the roof -- not building unneeded capacity in the first place is sustainable; greenwashing pointless consumption is not. However, as discussions of sustainability do not question the right of companies to be in business, there is no real point in engaging the issue. Customers are not especially interested in "green" -- at least as far as where corporate customers put their money -- and the convention business has little ability to make meaningful improvements in sustainability with its giant air conditioned buildings and business model of people flying into town for a few days.

Thus, there are few major ethical issues that need to be taken into consideration, as the business is what it is. Competition is going to be fierce, and hospitality managers are free to work within the constraints of the law to improve their competitive standing.

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