Ethics What Usefulness Does Ethics Training Research Proposal

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What usefulness does ethics training have on workers ethical behavior? What should be included in an ethics training program?

Ethics training involves information and awareness. Although the actual behavior of employees cannot be controlled, behavior will be strongly linked to the normative environment created in the organization. By incorporating ethics training into a workplace program, employees help create an environment that fosters ethical behavior and enforces ethical codes. Therefore, an ethics training program has a strong impact on employees when the program is both systemic and systematic.

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Effective ethics training programs are systemic because they are entrenched in the systems that govern the organization. They are systematic in that they run efficiently and professionally, ascribing to legal codes. The training program reflects not only the core values of the organization but also of the entire business sector. Moreover, an ideal ethics training program systematically covers all aspects of business ethics, from accounting to human resources. Each member of the organization should be familiar with ethical codes that apply to different departments and their coworkers. Ethical behavior is fostered and enforced by making all aspects of the workplace reflect its values. Senior management should always be expected to participate in the ethics training programs and offer advice to junior members of the organization.

TOPIC: Research Proposal on Ethics What Usefulness Does Ethics Training Have Assignment

A training program should start with disseminating knowledge of all legal codes that affect the organization. The program should also cover the values and mission of the organization, showing how ethical behaviors can help the organization achieve its goals. Showing employees how ethical behaviors help attract and retain clients and therefore increase profits will help show the fundamentally practical value of the training. Ethics can be presented and discussed within a utilitarian framework. Ethical programs are also effective when they are… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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