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[. . .] This paper examined the issues raised by the theft of proprietary computer code from Goldman Sachs by its former employee. The theft, the resulting trial, and sentencing also raise other significant ethical issues, including standards of professional conduct, cybercrime, security, and privacy. Examining the events from the differing perspectives of the Doing Ethics Technique provides different insights than those that come from using the ACS Code of Ethics; likewise using different classical ethical theories.

What is noteworthy about analysis from the differing perspectives is that each technique is useful for different purposes. Doing Ethics Techniques yields the broadest perspectives and a higher likelihood of developing group consensus; it fills the need to "sift through issues to determine appropriate courses of action" (Simpson, 2003). The ACS Code of Ethics is most valuable for its presentation of behaviors to avoid or engage; it is not intended to promote discussion or analysis per se or guarantee ethical behavior (Code of Ethics, section 4.4) . Classical ethical theories provide a means of explaining and predicting human behavior.

Having considered each approach, this paper recommends a solution that the Doing Ethics Technique suggests earlier, arriving at a compromise that allows both parties to win. Such a compromise would leave both Aleynikov's and Goldman Sachs' belief systems intact, as well as support the larger contractual framework for pursuing society's greater good.

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