Ethnic Conflict Research Paper

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Rwanda, a country located in East Africa that was colonized by Belgium aristocracy, is a picturesque nation that also has a bitter past. At present, Rwanda is a socially, economically, and politically stable country with booming industries such as mining, agriculture, and tourism that constitute its financial foundation. However, in 1994 one of the worst genocide cases in modern world history that involved the assassination of then president Juvenal Habyarimana and the mass killings of approximately 850,000 citizens occurred within a 100 day time span. The tension erupted when the generally favored and European looking Tutsis peoples had conflict with the more native African looking Hutus aborigines. In 1990, the Tutsis led Rwanda Patriotic Front fought to maintain government control of the nation, which lead to civil unrest for the next three years culminating in the 1994 genocide. The root of these slayings is complex and involves a comparison between primordialism and social constructivism paradigms as a study within a sociological and political context.Download full Download Microsoft Word File
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Research Paper on Ethnic Conflict Assignment

The term ethnic refers to the commonalities of a group of people who acknowledge such shred visions, tradition, or special socio-physiological characteristics. From a sociological point-of-view, ethnicity can determine the cohesiveness of a group of people within a nation. Such information can be applied to a broader context when examining the root cause of the 1994 Rwandan genocides. A primordialism perspective implies that both the Tutsis and the Hutus work together as though both groups have a common goal or shared bond. The ethnic ties between the Tutsi and the Hutu are communal. However, from a historical standpoint, such bonds did not truly exist between the Tutsi and the Hutu peoples. The Hutus group, which is roughly 75% of the residents in Rwanda, resented the favoritism shown to the Tutsi peoples. Despite efforts by Belgium invaders to switch their loyalty to the Hutus in 1962, prior to Rwanda's declaration of independence from the country, the majority group disliked the Tutsi 1990 measures to control the then… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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