Europe and World War I Research Paper

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Much of this came about in reaction to the spread of the empire of the West. The Cold War that followed the end of WW2, which served as the final showdown between Old World European countries like Germany, Spain and Italy (i.e.,--Catholic) and the Protestantized West (i.e., the UK and the U.S.), and brought home to South America a number of problems in economic, social and political terms. As a result, “during the 1950s, a growing impatience with the obstacles to faster economic development brought together a variety of social groups who began to agitate for greater change” (South America, 2018, p. 3). The enemies of Europe’s New Imperialism (Russia) sought influence in South America and inspired revolutions through South and Central America. New Imperialism led to new conflicts as the hardships of neo-colonialism surfaced and the ideology of the socialists took root with the concept of self-determination being communicated throughout the realm.

Research Paper on Europe and World War I Assignment

New Imperialism changed Europe as well. It divided the continent more than ever, with two World Wars being fought savagely on its lands and the Germans bearing the brunt of the Allied assault. Indeed, “World War I was primarily concerned with the struggle for mastery in Europe, but it was a global conflict that reached across five oceans and three continents” (World War I, 2018, p. 1). The immediate aftermath of Europe’s New Imperialism was blowback on a broad scale: the need for control of resources and raw materials led to war—with the initial fight focusing particularly on control of the Middle East. There, the British one the initial contest, blocking Germany from access to the region and neutralizing the Saxon’s ambitions on the world stage. World War I ended with the victors carving up Europe and the lands and wealth of the vanquished abroad: “The Paris Peace Conference of 1919 brought the leaders of the United Kingdom, France, Italy, and the United States together to debate and decide the fate of Europe at the end of World War I” (Paris Peace Conference, 2018, p. 17). However, with the onset of hyperinflation in the Germany economy, the people revolted and the National Socialists rose to power—partly to thwart the oncoming Bolsheviks and partly to reassert Germany’s own morale. Another war followed even worse than the first, with Britain, England and Soviet Russia joining sides to subdue the Germans. Spain was dealing with its own internal conflict as well and essentially sealed off its borders from the rest of the world for half of the 20th century following Franco’s assent to power. In short, the consequences of New Imperialism for Europe were essentially a collapse of the old Europe, the onset of massive wars, and the loss of substantial wealth and resources.

In conclusion, Europe’s New Imperialism changed the world, which then came back to change Europe. The Americas were radically altered by Europe’s New Imperialism, and by the 20th century, America had turned into a legitimate power capable of turning the tide of war in favor of the Allies. The Germans, who had sought to be a player on the world’s stage, were subdued. The Spanish had their territories taken from them in the Philippines by the Americans at the end of the 19th century. Europe as a whole was never the same again, as the states eventually voluntarily surrendered their own sovereignty (essentially) to the overseeing rule of the European Union, which would swallow the autonomy of the European states almost completely.


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