US v. Europe Essay

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Transportation in Europe

Based on our prior discussions, are the topics in this article surprising? Why or why not?

Yes and no. What make it surprising are the drastic actions many European countries are taking to reduce the total amounts of carbon emissions. In a host of different cities, there are restrictions or outright bans on vehicles. This is something that never happened inside these locations before. The fact that this is occurring now, is showing how various governments want to restrict access to these places by automobile. (Davenport) (Rosenthal)

This signals a growing trend that will become more extreme in the future. When this happens, there is a very realistic possibility of European cities becoming pedestrian and eco friendly transportation centers. The result is that there will be lifestyle changes from what was traditionally embraced in the past. (Davenport) (Rosenthal)

These actions are not considered to be too surprising from a certain perspective. This is because many cities were built before the automobile was invented. As a result, transportation has often become very limited inside these locations. In the past, there was an emphasis on driving smaller vehicles which could fit inside tight places. The recent changes, are illustrating how the scope of the problem has become much worse. (Davenport) (Rosenthal)

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Moreover, the Kyoto Protocol is requiring European countries to reduce their total amounts of carbon emissions. Inside many cities, certain vehicles are allowed, which are considered to be environmentally friendly. To meet the new provisions, more drastic action has to be taken. In this case, the changes in transportation are showing how there is a focus on decreasing CO2 output. (Davenport) (Rosenthal)

Contrast the European policies with U.S. policies on transportation as described. Add any perspectives you wish to this contrast. Also add any additional information about transportation systems in the two areas you think.

TOPIC: Essay on US v. Europe Assignment

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