European and Native American Cultures Essay

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European & Native American Cultures

European Voyages, especially the Spanish's, were significantly marked by Cristopher Columbus' exploration of mainland America. Rumors spread that this land has flowing gold and silver which were seen necessary to strengthen Spain and make it the European superpower. Columbus thought that America is India and thus called it the Indies.

Apart from the gold and silver, the surprising vast properties and the agricultural crops found in the island had become very historic in Europe especially in their economy. Agricultural products like cacao, corn, potatoes, tomatoes and many other crops were brought in Europe which supported larger European population and contributed much in the growth of it during the 16th century. However this contact had never been as useful for the Native Americans as that of the Native Europeans. Spanish conquistadors had brought with them, unintentionally and intentionally, diseases particularly smallpox and measles that Americans had no immunity. These diseases forced the Native Americans, who were then called as Indians, not merely to acknowledge their existence but to treat their culture as more superior than theirs. They were coerced to live out of their land and those who did not abide suffered from slavery and worse, massive death. The disease brought by the Europeans caused destruction of the Native American population. Some historians, estimated that almost 80% of Native American tribes have died due to the uncurable disease brought by the Europeans.

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Europeans had introduced some animals in the land of America as well. One of the seen most useful were the horses. Some of this animal had escaped and breeded in the wild of America. However, the last American horses died in the end of the last ice age. After that, the re-initiation of the same in the land of America brought a huge impact on the culture, particularly in the economy of the Native Americans. They began to travel and trade with other Native American tribes and started to spread out their territorial lands.

TOPIC: Essay on European and Native American Cultures Assignment

Land conquest brought huge influence in history of countries which have been subjected to it. Distribution and exchange of knowledge and culture occurred as a result. However, it had also been the primary reason of numerous bloody warfares during the ancient times.

With the Native Americans, giving was the most respectful act a person can offer. One needs not to stand out and be competitive; cooperation is a word that Native Americans were living for. This communal living of the Native Americans was hardly understood by the European conquistadors. As for them, Europeans, competition was vital and healthy. A respected European should not give instead save for a better future survival. Owning parcels of land was believed to become a form of saving. The same story, which was acquisition of more land and later on the wealth, had been inculcated in Native Europeans' mind, particularly those who eventually sailed to the land of America.

Europeans who arrived in the land of America were under the monarchy form of government. They fearfully abide the laws as they will be punished if not. The social status of a man was based on the number of properties he owned. The one who owned the largest amount of property had the highest rank recognized in the society. This inculcation… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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