European Studies When Most People Hear Research Paper

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European Studies

When most people hear about the Middle Ages, they will often think of: a knight fighting their enemies or various types of monarchies. While these are all certain elements of this time, there is much more to this point in history than many individuals realize. The reason why, is because this period served as a transition to modern society (after the downfall of the Roman Empire). As, this period was known: for lawlessness (i.e. The Dark Ages) and a reawakening of civilization (the Renaissance). Yet, beneath the surface there were changes that took place at the end of the Middle Ages that would have a major impact upon Western culture. To fully understand these shifts requires: examining the transformations that took place at the end of this frame. Once this occurs, it will provide the greatest insights, as to the underlying changes that took place. (Willner, 2008, pp. 176 -- 208)

Discuss the changes that took place in Western Europe at the end of the Middle Ages.

The end of the Middle Ages was: when significant changes would occur in society. This would have an impact upon: future innovations and new ideas that were being developed. At which point, many of these different ideas became a part of Western civilization and the basic ideals that many nations stand for. A few of the most notable changes that took place include: new forms of government were developed, trade was improved and the role that individuals will play in society evolved. (Willner, 2008, pp. 176 -- 208)

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Research Paper on European Studies When Most People Hear About Assignment

During the end of the Middle Ages new forms of government was quickly emerging one of the most significant include: monarchies. Monarchies first began to appear in a period of time known as the Dark Ages. This is when there was a complete breakdown in civilized society. As, the Roman Empire was being overrun by: different Germanic tribes. This had an impact on the way people were living, where they no longer could rely on protection from a strong central government. Instead, many individuals began to abandon the cities and move to the country side. This is because, they could forage off of the land and they could align themselves with wealthy landowners (who could provide protection). As, they had: their own army and the ability to forge alliance with the various lords. This had an impact upon the social order moving forward, with many of these wealthy land owners becoming the aristocracy. Those people, who were able to consolidate power over large areas, began to create their own nation states known as kingdoms. This is important, because it is showing how this new form of government was created out of the upheaval that was occurring during the Dark Ages. Over the course of time, this would become the social and political structure of many Western European nations. (Willner, 2008, pp. 255 -- 294)

Trade was Improved

During the beginning of the Middles Ages, there would be an economic collapse in society and trade. This is because, the Roman Empire disintegrated and there was no other major power that could provide stability. Once this occurred, it meant that trade between the different cities was nonexistent. This led directly to a shift in way the way people were living their daily lives by: focusing on trading with individuals at the local level and manufacturing the various products each person needed. (Willner, 2008, pp. 255 -- 294)

Once many of the different monarchies began to become more dominant is the point that the trade began to improve. Then, various nations began to trade with each other and select regions of the world that were far away. A good example of this can be seen with: the demand for spices and other food additives that were increasing during this time. This was fueled in part by: the trip that Marco Polo made to China during the 1200's. Once this occurred, the ideas and the products he brought with him, created the… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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