European Union's Emission Trading Term Paper

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What are two other options for achieving the stated purpose behind the EU ETS?

The Climate Marketplaces and Investment Association (CMIA) declares that it would want to view marketplace involvement by European Union policy makers to deal with the discrepancy within the auction time report. Particularly the CMIA want to experience a decrease in availability of 1.23 billion EUAs within the initial two years of Phase III, along with a restriction of 3 years towards the build up of excess emission permits (CMIA, 2012).

CMIA thinks that current EU ETS legislation alongside a background of unparalleled financial and also economic crisis has established an ill-balanced supply structure involving emission permits, which will continue within Phase III underscoring the ETS's capability to restrict emissions. If the over-supply scenario carries on, the reliability of the ETS as a good policy tool that will push all round emissions cutbacks - not to mention further reduced carbon funding is going to be essentially questioned. The reliability of the ETS itself is going to be progressively questioned, with severe effects for EU approach, global carbon marketplaces in general and most importantly the battle against global warming (CMIA, 2012).

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The CMIA consequently suggests a supply control system which, via a modification involving the EU ETS Directive, might methodically eliminate from the marketplace numerous excess permits utilizing a transparent procedure. The actual recommendations offer to limit the build-up of excess emission permits within the EU ETS to no more than 3 years and also that any amount of permits over and above that limitation ought to be eliminated completely from later supply of sold amounts (CMIA, 2012).

The table beneath demonstrates the amount of EUAs to be taken off sold amounts every year utilizing the afore-mentioned procedure, within an emission situation provided by an industry researcher (CMIA, 2012).


CMIA. (2012). Climate Markets & Investment Association Press Release, October, 16th.

Term Paper on European Union's Emission Trading Assignment

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