Euthanasia Is Illegal Essay

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Proponents of assisted death do not recognize the possibility of misdiagnosis


Proponents of legalization of assisted suicide believe that if assisted suicide aims at ending intolerable and unmanageable suffering, then doctors should render it to patients but upon request. They argue that patients hold the autonomy to decide what is good for them. For patients with incurable diseases which essentially makes the patient lack the meaning and purpose of existence, assisted death should be their best option as this will lessen they distress and emotional suffering of people close to her (Levene 205). For instance, Michael, the husband to Terrie felt that the only option to ease his emotional pain and that of his wife was to help her die through withdrawing the feeding tubes and life support machine. Terri Schiavo had suffered since 1999 to 2005, and had been on life support machine for all that period until her mercy killing in May 2005.

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Assisted suicide usually helps in reducing pain, desperation, humiliation as well as torment. In such a case, proponents of euthanasia believe that euthanasia performed in extreme cases of hopelessness and under patient or family's request is not bad. Although assisted suicide leads to inconsistency between values and good morals that forbids killing, it encourages mercifulness. Euthanasia is appropriate if it helps in doing away with intolerably oppressive existence (Back 4). For the general purpose of the distress and concerned relatives, assisted death should be legalized to show mercy and compassion to those who are suffering by helping them to die in dignity. Nobody loves to die but hopelessness and unendurable situations makes one to desire to die.


TOPIC: Essay on Euthanasia Is Illegal Euthanasia Otherwise Assignment

Many states have not legalized Euthanasia because it contravenes medical, ethical and moral values. However, there are a few states where it is applicable under patients or family's request like in the case of Terrie Schiavo. In countries where assisted suicide illegal, law punishes those who carry out these acts. While people believe that those who request for euthanasia exercise their personal free will and freedom, doctors cannot assist people to die because this challenges their conscience, dignity and medical ethics. While legal endorsement of euthanasia would help reduce prolonged pain to a patient and his/her family, doctors should never use their medical knowledge to harm the health of a patient but should instead uphold it at all cost.

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